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Hi everyone,I'm really new to this! me and my boyfriend have decided to try for a baby as last year we had a big shock that I had a miscarage while I was on the Mini-pill! Iv been on the mini pill for about 2 years, even when on the mini pill I had bleeding! i have stopped taking My pill half way through the pack I know it's a naughty thing to do but I did it! but even when I miss just 1 pill I usually get a bleed! this time Iv had completely no bleed at all! and iv been off the pill for over 3 weeks now! could this mean  have a chance of pregnan? As, as soon as I stopped taking my pill the day after me And my boyfriend had unprotected sex since i stopped taking the pill and still are now? should I take a test? Stopped taking the mini-pill on the 11 of Februar? 

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