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6days dpo and vv faint line

Hi all I'm new to this but going crazy, I decided to test yesterday night which would of been 6dpo because I have been feeling very unwell, myself and my husband have been trying for our fourth rth and final baby, and I had a really good feeling this, month, has anyone got a line at 6dpo or am I crazy 😂image


  • You are testing crazy early - wait until the day before your period at least. 

  • That is very very early to test but I definitely see a line! i have had a positive at 10dpo.

  • Thanks guys I know it was super early but I'm too anxious lol 😂 I'll be waiting a little longer to test again :) 

  • I tested again yesterday with a cheapie and it was positive but tested with first response this morning and I can't see a line, I'm so annoyed period due today so we will just have to wait and see image

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