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TTC 6 months

Hello ladies,

My husband and I have been trying for 6 months now and I know that's not very long...but it seems like ages for me and I'm starting to wonder if I will ever conceive naturally. As you know it's a very fustrating & confusing time and I can’t speak to anyone about it because I don’t want family & friends know we are trying. We have intercourse every day around the 14-17the day of my cycle and used ovulation kit to confirm LH on 15th and 16th CD But still no luck. AF was late this month By 4 days (never happened) so it got my hopes up even more 😭😭. 


  • If you are only having sec on those days you could be totally missing your window. Not everyone ovulated the same time. What length are your cycles normally (also if your period was late this time that means you ovulated later) . If you want to use OPk's you need to use them every day from about CD10 so you pick up your surge. On an ovulation test the test lines have to be as dark or darker  than the control time. Did you get true positives on them (ovulation then occurs about 12-36 hours after the positive surge)

    However six months is still a very short amount of time hun and can take healthy couples up to 18months or beyond. Depending on your age doctors wont necessarily intervene until after two years of trying with no success.

    Try and have sex regularly throughout your cycle to maximise your chances. There is only a 20-25% chance each cycle even if everything is timed perfectly. 

    Try not to get stressed about it and just enjoy 

  • Thanks StillTrying! My cycles are average 28-29 days that’s why I was shocked this time AF was late. When I did the OPK the line was as dark as the control line! 

    I will use a ovulation kit from cycle day 10 and take it from there this month! Thank you for your reply! xx

  • Hi Sam05. I am in the same boat as you, on our 6th month now ttc number one. I know it feels like a lifetime already. I seem to be getting told about people being pregnant on a weekly basis at the moment and although I'm happy for them I still find it hard, especially as one is my best friend and it happened for them after only a couple of months. I just keep trying to tell myself that when the time is right it will happen, but then also find my thoughts often wondering back to desperation for a baby. It is tricky not being able to speak to others about it as well especially when you feel like it is really getting you down but you have to put on a brave face x

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