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Advice TTC! Clearblue Advanced OPK

hello, I hope you are all well.

I am looking for some advice and in general your experiences please!! I would appreciate any Insights. 

try keep this brief, partner and I been TTC for past five months. Have not had much luck yet and decided last month to try Clearblue Advance digital OPK. I did get high fertility flashing smile face and peak static. We only managed dtd twice after peak as partner had been poorly the for full week and half before. 

So this month, used OPK again had first flashing Smiley face on Monday. We dtd mon, tues, wed, Friday and had peak static smile Saturday night and DTD Sunday.

i have never know or tracked when I ovulate and tried to go by fertile calendar app but think I may have been out couple days. 

I strangely feel that we may have covered bases for first time this month but I know it might not even work. I try to be positive about it and I know there is no right answer and every woman is different. 

Just wanted to hear anyone’s experiences of BFP this way or your thoughts?! I know I just need to wait like all of you girls to see what will happen but just wanted to ask?!! x


  • I'm sorry it's been so hard. I'm 3 cycles in and I'm already exhausted with all the disappointment. I've found that opks help find your true ovulation day. Mine was 3 days earlier than expected.

    To make sure you really cover your fertile days in the future, keep track of what cycle day your opk gives you. Then start bd a day before that next time.

    I wish you lots of luck!

  • Hi littleperry!

    im literally in the same boat as you. I used to follow my calendar which was wrong. Now I’ve started using the ovulation kits. Had no luck his month. Will keep trying! Xx

  • Thank you girls for your replies I appreciate it!!

    I guess we all try and try and even when you think you doing everything correct that it can still feel virtually impossible at times for anything to happen! It’s a miracle and hope that all of us need. 

    I am now 36 and this is our first time TTC. It has not been possible over the years as I was caring for my mother before her passing away. It feels now is the right time for us and I just worry I have left it too late but i guess it was the way life might have been planned 

    I have noticed past two months my period ending and then it’s fairly quick when I have noticed flashing smile on clear blue advanced and then we started to dtd this month. There are only 3 days we have missed in last week and a half and this is first probable time we have given it the best shot!! I feel for my partner trying to perform each time bless him!!

    the thing is I ask you experienced ladies how it worked for you and if we have done enough but we never know do we until this TWW!! 

    just Wondered if there is anything I should be doing now to help any implantation if there will be or should we still be dtd up until period due?

    thank you so very much xx

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