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Pregnancy symptoms but negative test??

so I’ll try to be quick. Been on and off of the pill since nov 17 but not been taking it a lot at all.

My period ended on the 2nd of March 18 i was ovulating from 7th to 10th and me and the other half did it unprotected every day. I had a bleed start on the 12th, 17 days before my next period was due and 10 days after my most recent one. It lasted 5 days. over the last week I have experienced the following:

headaches (I never get them)

weird stomach cramps

i have had both diarrhoea and constipation 

I’ve cried twice watching tv that wouldn’t normally make me cry

i am waking up a lot at night and really thirsty when I do 

lower back pain 

low labido (however ita spelt)

and my skin is sooo itchy.

periods of a blocked nose/congestion that go after a few hours

And a few I’ve forgotten but thought at the time it linked.

i took a p test Saturday and one Sunday morning and both showed negative. normally when they show neg I just forget about it and move on but this time I can’t shake the feeling of being pregnant? But I’m worried it’s wishful thinking..

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