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Brown spotting 11dpo

New to this site and to TTC so would greatly appreciate any advice! Symptoms as follows...

Extremely sore nips and sides of breasts since ovulation. Pink watery spotting when wiped 4dpo. Spiradic metallic taste. Darker and bigger nips which are often erect, noticeable blue veins too - DH agrees. I bled watery blood slightly whilst BD with DH 7dpo. Urinating more frequently and extreme fatigue 7-9dpo. Dull cramps and bloating on/off throughout. Feels like AF about to arrive but then goes. Now had dark brown spotting from 9dpo to today 11dpo. Also had small dark brown clump in CM this eve (sorry TMI!).

So basically do we think there's any chance I could get my BFP this cycle or is AF due more likely? Have had 3 BFN so far most recent one this morning with not even a hint of a faint line. But I don't usually spot in between periods and never had such dark brown bleeding before. I have just had my copper coil out at the start of the month thought so could be adjusting from that? Although copper coils aren't hormonal so no change to cyclescycles or fertility. I am also taking low weeks worth dose of metronizadole for BV which nurse said would be OK to take if possibly early pregnant - could this cause anything?

Usually 27-28day cycle, ovulated around day 14-15 according to ovulation sticks and CM.


  • Forgot to add complete breakout of spots on face and top of chest. Don't usually get many spots just odd one around AF is due.

  • Hey Alice - I’m so glad you’re here.. I’m in the same boat... 9dpo and has pink on the tissue after using the bathroom.. sorry tmi it’s a bit early 🙊

    I had m/c 5 weeks ago to the day but ovulated 19/20th so really unsure if this is af or ib.. more than likely af I feel. But I can totally relate with the being really tired and being spotty.. it’s gross! I don’t usually get spots but this week I’ve got loads of like pimples under the skin? Weird.

    whens your af Due? X

  • Thanks for your reply! AF is due on Saturday... Just wish I knew if it was her on a very slow start or IB. image

    this Google image if you can see it is giving me hope that's I'm just 'clearing out' but be just my luck that it'll turn out to be AF. Haven't tested today as been getting nothing but BFN. going to try and wait until the bleeding stops at least. Although I read some people got their BFP whilst spotting? Have u had any more spotting since? Any brown or just pink if not too invasive to ask?


  • So sorry to hear about your m/c :( were you very far along? Starting to worry this could be some sort of chemical of pregnancy :/

  • It’s so confusing isn’t it.. I’d wait until you’re a week late to test- that seems like a lifetime away I know. If you’re experiencing implantation bleeding I’m unsure whether you’d get a positive anyway because your hormones won’t have changed enough yet so it may be too early. 

    I was 7 weeks when I m/c, itbwas our first cycle of trying as well so it was very sad but we’re happy to be trying again. I honestly didn’t realise how hard this process is. So emotionally draining as well.

    because I haven’t had a normal cycle yet and I ovulated last week I figured my af would be due  around 2nd April so I was going to wait til the 9th to test.. if this is af (and I’m pretty convinced it will be) at least I can look forward to a normal cycle in April.. 

    mate you bleeding quite heavily? for me it was just a bit of pink on  toilet tissue.. I’ve been again since though and there are some spot on my liner so that’s why I’m sure it’s af - I’ll keep an eye on it though. 

    Please don’t worry and try not to symptom spot - I’m the worst for that so I know how hard it is not too! I think you should try and hold out until at least after the weekend to test, when your af is officially late!! Xxx

  • Oh no that's really sad and can't even imagine how disappointing that was for you :( but yes onto the next cycle hey! I would say your bleeding more sounds like IB to me as would be a very early AF! But yes like you say, if it is wed just rather know so can get on to trying again next time! 

    I'll see how the spotting goes if its turns into full flow or stops completely. Maybe test on Sunday if it stops. Its not heavy no, just dark brown bloody mucus which is meant to be old blood so not necessarily a bad sign? I have a panty liner and there will only be one or two blobs throughout the day sorry if tmi! I had just the pink on the toilet tissue at 4dpo no idea what that was as I definutely already ovulated! Just wish it was more clear for us. Fingers crossed for you though it sounds promising to me. Have u had any other symptoms? I keep feeling dull bloaty cramp like I'm about to come on but had that on off for days now and then goes!


  • Yours sounds very promising as lmike you said brown usually means old so... oh fingers crossed for you!! Let me know how you get on testing!

    last week i had super sore nipples, I’ve had quite bad diarrhea the last couple of days and I’m tired and ready to sleep by about 9pm.. but apart from that everything is as it is normally. 

    being A woman is such hard work, men have no idea!! Xx 

  • Oh definitely agreed they have it so easy! Fingers crossed for us both! I'll keep you posted. When are you going to test? Xx

  • Well I’m going to give it a couple of days and see if af arrives and then take it from there.. probably after the weekend xx

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