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Think I’m losing my marbles... symptoms galore (or are they?!)

hi everyone!

have just joined after being a silent stalker of the page!!! Looking for a bit of advice please (or reassurance that I’m not going mad!) 

so ive been on the pill continuously with breaks every 6 months for a few years now because of incisional endometriosis (it’s trapped in my previous c section scar) because having a period “feeds” it and makes it sore. Hubby and I have decided to try for one more baby and feeling very excited about it all :) I stopped the pill mid way through the packet on the 3rd of this month, had a withdrawal for a few days from the 7th and have been dtd very regularly up until this week (every 2nd day usually) for the past 3 days, I’ve been feeling truly awfu, exhaustion like I’ve never felt, waves of nausea, sudden weight gain, tender and tingly boobs, the Montgomery glands are also a lot more prominent than usual and my boobs are very warm to the touch, feel hot like I’ve a temp but don’t and going from constipated to the opposite!!!

i have done a hpt (eBay cheapy) yesterday but bfn but because I’m not sure when my next period should actually come with just coming off the pill, I’m not sure when is the correct time to actually test! I know it’s early days and I should avoid symptom spotting but I can’t help it 😩 and I’m very in tune with my body and it’s changes and just “knew” with my previous pregnancies like I feel now! 

Any advice on next steps?!

thank you 😊x


  • Hi Emily! I did the exact same thing. I too have endometriosis thats nicely placed in my lrle ovary.. i stopped the pill mid pack too because id had enough of the hormonal changes and it was effecting my leg too much (we were worried it was DVT)... My gynae said it was ok for me to stop cause we wanted to try for a baby but to finish the pack .i obviously didnt listen. I had no withdrawal bleed. I have the EXACT same symptoms as you... (I stopped the pill 2.5 weeks ago)... I had no clue when AF was due or when/if i ovulated... all tests were BFN.BFN. Tue i had a weird brown brown discharge and same as yesterday... Which got me thinking, implantation bleeding? The answer was no .got my AF today... 

    I think they recommend not stopping mid pack because its impossible to track everything after... Also, i asked my gynae about the brown discharge and she said its most likely the blood from the endometriosis which is coming out after having stopped the pill... 

    I think maybe give yourself another week or so and test again... 

    Sadly, the effecta of coming off the pill miminc those of pregnancy :( hopefully its not the case for you and you get your miracle this month!

  • Thanks for responding:)

    oh I know, that’s why I’m trying not to get my hopes up in case it is just hormone related because of the pill! Every symptom I have could point to either pregnanc, pill withdrawal or af coming except the change in the bb’s... I had the prominent bumps from early on with my other pregnancies. It’s mad because when I came off the pill, I announced I was going to be very laidback about it all, and go with the flow..... yeah right! Famous last words for sure and I’ve turned into a bit of a psycho about it all!!!! Good luck to you on a brand new month of ttc :) x

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