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Hi all im new here ny and my finance have been ttc i had my hsg 2 days ago ive attached ny pic of my opk does it look positiveimageimage


  • It looks flooded. 

    For an OPK to be positive it needs two lines. The test line must be as dark or darker than the control line. This indicates your LH surge and you should ovulate 12-36 after the positive surge 

  • So does it not look positive

  • No that’s not positive yet hun need 2 dark pink lines the same in colour strength 

    like this here’s one of mine 


    My line to the left is darker than the control line on the right so a good strong positive:)

    If the left line is lighter even a tiny bit lighter it’s negative but would suggest a positive will happen very soon 😃

  • How long  u reckon till i get a positive opk i had my hsg 2 days ago x

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