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Is it a period or am I having pregnancy bleeding

hello I’m a 20 year old and have been diagnosed with PCOS since I was 16. Me and my partner have recently been trying for a baby I’d say within the last year we have been really trying. This month I took a ovulation test 6/03/18 which was positive so me and my partner were trying to conceive I kept taking them and they were all positive until I’d say the 9/03/18 well that’s when they started getting fainter anyway. But after this I had cramping pains and tender breasts with brown spotting. This lasted for 10 days from the 17/03/18 until the 27/03/18 but on the 28/03/18 I started getting bad bleeding with a huge clot during the night and have been constantly bleeding ever since... is it my period or mos it pregnancy signs. (I took. 2 tests but both negative during the brown spotting). Please help x 


  • Hey 97annon,

    i have a similar situation to you. 

    We had intercourse every day around the 14-17the day of my cycle and used ovulation kit to confirm LH on 15th and 16th CD. AF was late this month (due march 22nd) By 4 days. Then on 26 Feb it came but  lbefore it was due I had brown discharge (caramel colour sorry tmi) and then my period came and now I’m still bleeding I have never bled for this long in my normal periods. So confusing! 

  • Thankyou I’m glad im not going crazy lol and That’s exactly the same as me I’ve never experienced this in my life it was so weird the first days of spotting I thought might be IB but now I’m bleeding like a period it’s just confusing me x

  • Me too! I really thought it was IB I was convinced! And I’ve never had a late period so 4 days was very unusual. It’s so stressful 😫

  • It’s crazy isn’t it hate how this feels like don’t know what’s going on with your body until after your period or if your pregnant that all comes back! X

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