Ovulation Test Strips - Part 12

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  • Bex I’m so sorry hun 😢😢😢 Im absolutely gutted for you aswell love n hugs your way 😘

    oh Tracy gutted for you too those lines looked promising yes deffo show your gynaecologist and see if she can shed some light on the positive lines as they were defo pink 😢😢😢

    love n hugs to us all it’s such a tough journey 😞

    Lets all enjoy our weekends eh ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hi, I've been reading this forum the last for couple of days and finally decided to create an account and join you.

    My husband and I decided to ttc last month after about 8 years of marriage and the first thing he did was to buy an ovulation kit from clear blue (the one that detects up to 4 fertile days I think?). After my period last month I started testing and at the end we only bd once on ovulation day.

    I know that since we only tried once and this is our first month the chances of getting pregnant are almost none, but we have not stopped thinking about it since ovulation day.

    I have not had any symptoms at all other than I feel like I feel something like very very very light cramps (so I really think it is all in my head maybe?).

    We said we were not going to have a pregnancy test until I missed my period but he surprised me with some clear blue early detection pregnancy tests on Tuesday (as part of my birthday gift!).

    We tested yesterday (9 dpo) and today (10 dpo) and they were both negative so I guess (as we both knew) that this wasn't our month, now it will be a few days until my CD1 on Tuesday, and we'll start again next cycle.

    Sorry if my English is not perfect, it's not my mother tongue, Spanish is :)

    Thanks for sharing all your journeys, I thought this would make it worse but it is actually very nice to feel there is a lot of people on the same boat.  

    Good luck everyone!

  • Hi Maria once it all it takes!! 😉

    we do every other day through the fertile window but we are quite active in that department anyway 😜and I’ve fallen pg every 3-4 cycles that way:) I’ve had 3 children and 5 losses but trying for a 4th 😊 after medical interventions with the miscarriages though my Fallopian tube is damaged so it’s a more frustrating journey now and been 2 yrs this month of trying 🤦🏻‍♀️

    If your AF isn’t due until Tuesday I’d say test on Sunday for a more accurate result you aren’t out yet 😊

    Good luck on your ttc journey and we are very happy for you to join us crazy lot 🤣


  • Hi Maria welcome I've been on this group for over a year now sometimes i comment sometimes I lurk lol had a mc last April nearly a year to the day and havnt had no luck since , our cycles are very similar I'm 10 dpo today and cd1 will be Tuesday Fingers crossed and good luck 

    Tracy I'm so sorry Hun gutted for you hope you get more answers Monday , and bex gutted for you too I'm sorry what your both going through , thinking of you both sending lots of love 

    ❤️ xxxx

  • Thanks MMA, I'm sorry about your mcs, I'm a bit surprised after reading all these posts for the last couple of days by how common they are. I feel women in general are not very open about that topic so you don't really know all this until you are in a website like this one.

    I feel that sharing those experiences could make other people going through similar things feel less alone, and also normalizing it (I think) could prepare us (the ignorant ones) a little bit. I know it is impossible to not get excited after a positive result but I think it is good to also be realistic.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Teena85,

    Very similar cycles indeed! good luck! I'm sorry about your mc :(

  • Thanks ladies really gutted but I sort off didnt want to believe it as would have be to good to be true but I have to stay positive and keep goin as we all do hey😔such a hard long slog never ever had fertility problems in my life until new partner(hubby)of 7yrs will see what gyne say Monday as prolactin can cause all my problems and think its time for hubby to get checked if no joy in few months.ad be lost without you ladies thanks for keeping me going I hope I fo the same for you all.bex my heart goes out to u huge hugs xx hi maria welcome so sorry for your loss i no how hard it must be i too have had many many miscarriages and lost a lill boy at three weeks old were here to help and keep your spirits up xx

  • I‘be been reading this thread for a few weeks too. I’ve posted on a few other threads. I had a late miscarriage 5 weeks ago at 20 weeks. There was no heart beat at my scan. I was and still am absolutely gutted and I’m still struggling but I agree, not that many people talk about it and it affects so many people. I’m generally starting to feel a bit more positive- ish but still waiting for my af to return so I can start trying again. 

    I‘m really sorry Tracy and Bex and feel for everyone on here. It’s awful.xx

  • So sorry to hear your news Emj3 this group certainly has kept me again as have other s since my mc last year , I still have down days/months and coming on here reading and talking to others helps as friends and others around you sometimes just don't get it . 

    Hope your period starts to regulate very soon mine took 6 weeks and has been regular since xx

  • How awful emj 😞my.lill boy was born at 23/24 weeks premature as were half my pregnancies,he was a lill fighter but passed away in hospital after fighting both his lungs collapsed he had abrain hemorrhage then multiple organ failure and then grade 3 septicemia amongst other things.must off been so so hard for you you think your near out of the danger zone when u get that far along.were here to help talk rant whatever gets you through the difficult times.huge hugs lovely xx

  • That sounds like too much to bear Tracy. Your poor little baby boy clearly tried so hard to survive. It just doesn’t seem fair at all.

    I seem to have lost faith in nearly everything. But I know that I desperately want another baby... I need to hold my baby at the end of it. I hope this happens for us all.xxx

  • Emj the only thing we can hold onto is hope,keep hoping and staying positive on your good days will keep you strong,we are all here to help when your on a high or on a low.I'm pretty sure you will get your dream of holding a lil bundle of joy very soon,just dont ever give up xx

  • Thanks Tracy. You’re right- we have to keep hoping. Fingers crossed we get our BFPs soon and a baby at the end of it!!xx

  • Emj3 I list mt little boy also at 21 weeks I felt him wriggling then it stopped and it took me to convince 3 midwives before they scanned me and yes he’d sadly passed away :(

    2 days at home for my uterus to soften after a drug was given then 2 days in hospital labouring/anti biotic drips etc on the ward with the mums taking babies home oh it nearly killed me inside 😢 The pain eases but I won’t lie in never goes away and I still cry now. He was due April 10th would be 3 in a few days and I’ve lost more after so waiting for my 4th miracle!

    we will most certainly support you on your journey just makes it that little bit easier talking on here 😊

    love n hugs to you xxx😘

  • Thanks Missmyangels- everything’s just so hard. Fingers crossed we all have our rainbow babies.xxx

  • Oh no Bex so sad to hear that, so sorry, my heart breaks for you, 

    stay strong Tracy, hopefully we will all get our BFPs soon.

  • Thank you missjasmine xx good luck everyone we bloody need some, xx

  • So sorry about your news Tracey hopefully you will get your  🌈 baby soon xx

  • I hope everyone’s doing ok today With everything that’s been happening. 😘😘

    just seen the clear blue ovulation test on groupon for 25 pound ( inc delivery) with 20 tests. Is this worth it? Not bought them before. It’s the 4 fertile days one. 

    Can I ask what you do. Do you buy refills or a new one each time? if I’ve never used them before, what day do you think I should start using it?xxx

  • emj... I wouldn’t recommend the digital advanced (the ones that predict the 4 most fertile days).... s lot of people say they have problems with those ones giving flashing smileys (high fertility) for days and days on end but never get a peak fertility (static smiley). Personally I would recommend the standard clear blue digital (that just predict your 2 most fertile days)... they’ve always worked great for me. wirh regards to how they work, you get a new monitor  with each pack so you only reuse the monitor until your pack of 20 sticks is used up then when you get the new pack you use the new monitor bit too. 

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