False positive or positive?

i'm 5 days late on my period and had unprotective sex for the 3 weeks before my period was meant to start.
However i've been taking pregnancy tests (asda own) imagebut have not had any positive results?? I'm not sure if it's too early to detect or not pregnant at all? I had miscarriage late oct 2017, and when i discovered i was pregnanct it was a week after period was meant to start and even then it was very faint line.

Took a clear blue 2 days ago but no positive. Took another one yesterday and strong blue line developed over the course of the day - a day later shows strong blue positive. However other clear blue didnt show anything at all a day later?
Could this be positive or an evap line? It's hard to capture on photo, but definitely blue in colour and very strong line in the centre.


  • If it appeared after the time frame in the instructions it has to be discarded. Try a pink dye test they are easier to read

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