Trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage Part 14

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  • How is everyone today? I start my Metformin today, 1 tablet once a day for first week then two tablets once a day after that, kez is that roughly what your on?

  • My af has just finished so back to dtd and doctors for me on Tuesday to get ball rolling :) been shopping today and husband spoilt me with all new clothes so I’m a happy girl 

    good luck with the metaformin honeybee hope it works for you :) 

  • Thank you MrsRees. I'm looking forward to trying it. Hopefully it works xxx

  • Good luck with the metformin Honeybeemummy, to you to MrsRees for your appointment tomorrow image

    I'm on CD24 and currently having those confusing symptoms that messes with your head, where you think am I pregnant or is my body just teasing me and AF is actually on her way. Has sore boobs, light headache, crampy feeling, peeing every hour and have, nausea on and off. This morning I felt sick, I couldn't even eat my breakfast image so will have to see what happens. 

    I don't know what happened last cycle, as normally, except for when I was pregnant in January, I get to CD 21/22 and AF arrives. Last month I got to 30 something before she arrived, so I wonder if that's happening again. 

    Guess time will tell, its just so confusing image

  • Awwww that sounds like a lovely day Mrs Rees! Good luck at the doctors tomorrow.

    Hope you feel ok on the metaformin HomeyBeMummy, and it does the trick!

    I know how you feel Sherman, I hate the waiting game!

    I’m on CD24 but as I tend to have cycles of 30-32 days I’m just waiting waiting. DTD every day last week as am never quite sure when I ovulate (seems to be any day from CD16-CD21) so am keeping everything crossed that it did the trick!

  • back homr And god do I feel rough shopping is tireing nd being up so early to do it i Feel so poorly it’s unbelievable 

    thanks for the good wishes for doctors I know they won’t be able to do anything or give me anything tomorrow to help but hopefully get some blood tests organised and maybe a scan?? Will see 

  • Hi girls just sitting waiting for af Friday I hope before I can start trying again 🤞🏻Hate tww 😢

  • Honey I started on 1 tablet a day for 1 week then 2 tablets a day for a week then 3 tablets a day for a week then finally 4 which is what I’ve got to continue to take until my BFP fingers crossed. After listening to stories I’m thinking by the time the tablets have got in my system I’m hoping to be pregnant by my 3/4 cycle on them 😉😊 fingers crosse. Let me know how u get on on them x

  • Claloub I hope AF comes soon and that you can TTC again shortly. 

    Kez I'm on one a day for one week then just two a day for a month. The doc will the review, I'm guessing she may higher up the doesage if it's needed. Not TTC this month but not prventipre it either, just taking a break to get my body used to the Metformin and to get some sanity back too xxx

  • Hi ladies sounds like everybody moving along pretty well hoping for some bfp soon.

    Bex your in my thoughts and prayers and you also claloub. 

  • I went to the doctors today and am going back for day 21 bloods in 2 weeks they gunna do fasting bloods to check my sugar levels as wel as hormones 

    glad to get the ball rolling 

  • Hello ladies, I feel a little bit down. We just find out that my dh has ASA ;( (Antisperm Antibodies) so it makes them much slower and our chances drops again. And literally when I nad hope again after bringing back my ovulation. I was expecting bfp in next 10 days and now I know it will be bfn for sure :<

    But I really hope everything will work well for all of you xx

  • Hi Edygla, does that mean chances are low or none at all? I hope not maybe it will take a Lil more time. 

    Good thing he’s being proactive and getting things looked into. 

  • Ah edygla I’m sorry to hear that, for some reason us girls are getting hit by all the hardships for ttc going I really hope that your  miracle happens 

    so glad I booked for day 21 bloods but very nervous now in case they do find anything wrong or don’t and I have no answers to why I’m not pregnant yet

    doctor did say not to worry about ovulation sticks so I’m gunna stop using them but it’s just so hard to not do anything else to help and find ovulation 

  •  MrsRees, the way I see it is why waste money on ovulation sticks because at the end of the day we are still dtd during our cycle anyway, and if it doesn't pick it up it will only make you worry which doesn't help as you can't relax when you're worried. To me anyway.

  • YEAH you are right Sherman I just hate this lack of control stuff, I can’t control when it if I ovulate and I find that really hard at least if I can see it’s happening I feel a bit better but seeing as the sticks weren’t showing me ovulating then it wasn’t helping anyway 

    ugh why is ttc so hard 

  • MrsRees I was told at 20ish years old through similar tests that I wasn't ovulating, or rather one of my ovaries wasn't. They repeated the test the next month and I had fallen pregnant. I was heart broken when they told me but don't give up all hopes, you maybe ovulating just not regularly. As you can see I fell pregnant, three times, I have two daughters and one angel. I never tried with them. This baby I am trying for now however doesn't seem so easy but I'm staying positive. Hope to be pregnant by my babies due date or at the latest the year anniversary of loosing my angel. 

    Good luck to you all

  • I’ve passed the due date and on Friday will be a year since bleeding started may 4th I’m gunna try my best to just not try and not look at dates and stuff and just try to have fun and dtd as often as I can with oh and I funny schedules and see how it goes I guess keeping my fingers crossed that it will happen soon 

  • There’s definitely a part of me that thinks sod the ov tests and just keep going Sherman and MrsRees Not sure though. Just want it to happen for us quicker!!!

    i just want to be pregnant before my angel baby’s Due date too Honey- 18th July!!


  • I’m sick of it being everyone else that’s pregnant and not me! Even the blimming dog groomer just told me her baby’s nearly due. It seems like everyone’s pregnant!xx

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