Partner said he can see a faint line but i cant see anything?



  • I don't see it yet. Let's see it tomorrow!

  • image

    This is todays, im still early but cant resist testing lol


  • I do see something. I’d wait a couple more days (and i know it drives you crazy especially when you’re an impatient bugger like me!) and see if you get a darker line which fingers crossed you will! Xxx

  • It drives ur crazy doesnt it! Lol. Will keep you updated xxx

  • Hey sophiemarie, ive just noticed on the 20th you posted positive ovulation strips... Its far too early for you to test :) from your positive strips, you need to wait about 2 weeks...welcome to the 2WW! Its super hard to resist test, but trust me, its best to save yourself from disapointment... You will probably get negative now anyway (but still be pregnant) because its ffar too early... Try hold off for a bit... At least 1 week if you are like me and let it take over your mind!! 

    Good luck to you!!  

  • hiya i ovulated before that post i didnt reliese the test line had to be as dark or darker than the control line then so thats why i posted cause its my first month doing them didnt know what to expect lol.

    im a nightmare always test early i cant wait hahahaha 


  • I definitely see something in the second pic. Try again tomorrow or get a first response x

  • Yes going to do another in morning and then probs do first response on monday xxx

  • image I've had three faint lines but used a digital today and said not pregnant, I am three days late and I'm confused now, xx

  • Hi Sophie I can definitely see a very faint line on your tests :) xx

  • ahhhh getting excited i havent done one today gonna try wait bit longer lol.

    those digitals i dont think are very good when your early on, do a first response babe they 6 days before missed period there really sensitive, will keep my fingers crossed for you! Xx

  • I don’t rate internet cheapies at all until after your af is due. Deffo try with a first response when you can x

  • image 

    i tried with a clearblue early today but didnt really give me my bfp :( xx

  • Ment the early decection xx

  • *detection (bloody phones) lol xx

  • I see a faint line on the bottom one? Don’t want to get your hopes up but I’m sure I can. i don’t know why but pink dye tests are apparently more reliable x everything crossed for you x

  • Yeah sorry forgot to say bottom one is mine the top was my friends lol.

    yeah off to get first response tomorrow they didnt have any today so fingers crossed xx

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