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Referred to fertility clinic

hi ladies

me and my partner have been trying for 2 years now , I was on the pill but came off that in 2013. My cycles are irregular. My bloods came back that I was not ovulating and my partners sperm count was lower than they would like. We have now been referred to the fertility clinic but I am nervous and beside myself any advice or help/words or wisdom?? 

Thanks xxx


  • It's totally fine. U will be offered tests. They may want to 're test his sperm. As it changes all the time. They will do a few blood tests on yourself to check fhs and other hormones. This determines egg quality. U may be offered a test where they inject dye through the cervix to check for tube blockages. If it not ovulating I think they can prescribe medication for that. As for sperm count u only need 1 good sperm. My partners count was super low and low mobility. I am 39 with a unicornate uterus ( half a womb) and we were told IVF was what we needed yo be looking at really because of my age but to keep trying in the mean time .No medication was given. I already have an 11 year old son and no one picked up on my womb situation until I had these tests done as we had been ttc 2 years. Anyhow a week before we were due to go to a fertility clinic open day I fell pregnant naturally!!!! I am now 11 weeks pregnant after ttc 2 years and told we wud need ivf. Have faith in ur body and do all the tests. I really believe the dye test helped flush out my womb because 6 weeks after that I fell pregnant xxx hope this helps 

  • Hi

    wow that all sounds like a lot of testing but I guess it’s needed to Find then cause to give the best treatment. It’s good to here that there is a positive to come from it all. Congrats to you I hope all goes well! Xxx

  • The tests are pretty normal and none invasive. The dye test is a little uncomfortable but worth doing. It just means they can rule out certain things that may cause infertility x best advice I can give is don't obsess. Sack off the ovulation kits. It's almost like ur body rebels when u try make it work when it's supposed to. It's best to eat and drink what u want,have regular sex and try ur best to forget about trying. That's when it will happen xxx

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