June TWW

Hi all, bringing those of us over from the May TWW who didn't see the elusive bfp in May! 

I’m on CD15 now so start June in the TWW which makes me nervous! Hoping for a third time lucky 🍀 



  • Cd8 started ovulation sticks this morning! Ovulation varies from day 13-17 so I started nice and early! 

    Having a lovely holiday! think sun is doing me good. 

  • I have no clue when i ovulated! Im completely baffled... stopped the pill in march, periods were very regular for 2 months... Then my last period was 12 days late... From the 5th-10th May... My app says i ovulated yesterday but its also changed my cycle to a 34 day instead of 28 so i dont know if to trust it! Even if i did ovulate yesterday, it puts me in this 2WW! Gah!

  • Hello ladies 

    I will be in the June TWW. I'm currently on CD7 my fertile window says from 3rd June and I should ovulate on the 8th June according to my app. Good luck ladies for TTC in June sending you all baby wishes. So exciting I hope it happens this month it's only my 2nd proper cycle so I no there's time yet. Although friends have said they think it will happen in June xx

  • I’m still in my TWW for May (AF due any time), but thought I’d post in here as I‘ll probably need to! 

    Fingers crossed for everyone :) 

  • Hi, I finally catched up with the May TWW thread last night but I didn't participate too much on that one since I had a BFN the first week of May. I'm now 4DPO so we'll see if this is my month. I want to wait at least until next Saturday (09/06) to test, which is also my husband birthday so a positive would be great 

  • AF showed up today so I'll be in June TWW!

    Would anyone recommend the clear blue ov kit over the little internet opks? I had said to myself I wouldn't get it but now hubby is keen to do what we can. He was so sad when I told him and asked us it too early to get checked out at the GP. 

    Will keep on trying though!!! 

    Any thoughts/comments on the clear blue ov kit would be great? 


  • I used the clear blue digital ov kit. Always worked fine for me, I just found it stressed me out a bit more, so stopped using it. 

  • Yeyy! Hello June TTC :) ive had a much needed break and I’m only on cycle day 5 at the moment so ovulation in a couple of weeks time! Good luck ladies!! Xx

  • I use the clear blue ovulation kit, tried the cheapie ones but the amount of rules on when u can do them and not just stressed me. Clear blue u can do in the morning so I find them easier! 

    Good luck char09! 

  • Hi ladies!

    I'm currently 2DPO so hoping to test next Friday. This is only my first month TTC so I know it could be a while but I'm hopeful!

    Glad this thread is here to keep in touch over this next week!!


  • I use clear blue ovulation. Love seeing the smiley face

  • Hi everyone im on cd 7... 8 in half an hr haha!! 

    I hope we get lots of BFPs this month!

    Larat84 I didn’t know there were rules with the cheap opks??? What are they? 


  • image

    Hello ladies!

    this is my first time posting and I really need your help...... I’m 3 days late and I tested this mornin, do u guys see a line?? I took 2 test and they both came out the same...... please tell me what you think.... I’m driving myself crazy over this😩

  • you shouldn’t do them in morning, save toilet breaks for four hours before but drink normally, do them ideally between 2-3 a day but u can do now if the result looks good.

    i never had a positive on them! Too many rules too difficult in work! I love the smiley face, it’s bizarre how much it makes my day! 

  • I’m on CD29, still no AF so took a test this morning, BFN :( 

  • I've on 3dpo and have had minor spotting since yesterday, very little but it's there. Does anyone know what this would be at all?

    Surely it's far too early for implantation bleeding?


  • Afternoon ladies :) can I jump in with this post? Also on my two week wait, due AF on Monday... however having zero symptoms! Last month I was 6 days late with lots of cramping. I know some women don't get any symtoms but not feeling anything just makes me feel like this isn't my month. 

    Fingers crossed for everybody! Sending baby dust to you all xxx 

  • I know how you feel jlis, I don’t think I have any symptoms, but I’m now on cd29 and no AF yet. Not even usual PMS symptoms. 

    Fingers crossed for you! X 

  • It’s a long two weeks isn’t it!! I dont even know for sure when I ovulated. I assume I would have by now - I only had a 26 day cycle last month so if the same again then I’m around 4 days post ovulation, if my normal 28 days then just two days post ovulation. Although I’m worried it’ll be a long month so keeping going with the daily BD in case I ovulate later this time! Counting down until 11 June when I can test and then 14 June when I’d be late with AF if all is our way this time. We have caught twice and miscarried twice already this year so it’s been stressful. Hoping for a rainbow..!

  • Thanks Larat84- yes I didn’t know there was rules just thought they worked Like hcg. 

    So is it clear blue digital you get the smilely faces?? And you can just wee on them anytime of the day no rules?? Ha! I might get some. 


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