I don't know if am pregnant or not

I don't know if am pregnant or not. Everyone else is sayin I am but I went to the hospital and got told am not. By urine. I'm really confused about everything I don't know what to do . 



  • When's your af due ? X

  • When's my what?

  • Af it's your period 

  • Well last month I had it for a day. And this month in the 20th

  • Hii I am new to this site..I had no periods for the past 3 months as I'm suffering from PCOD.I had done pregnancy test using first response but it was negative.I went for my holidays where I visited gynaecologist he gave me tablets to get my periods.After 3 days of finishing the tablets I started to bleed.First 3 days was a heavy flow with clots and then it was lighter.I checked the test which i had made 10 days before and surprisingly saw faint line.Now I am worried as I don't know if I was pregnant or not.If I was I already got abnormal bleed with medication. image

  • I'm in the same situation as you I don't know whether am pregnant or not. But mine looks different and last month I had period for a day and this month nothing.  image

  • This looks positive to me.You can try with another brand and see the results.Good luck to you.

  • Slavka that is positive congratulations! Kukki I would test again to be sure as not supposed to read the test after the window of time is up x

  • Thank you hun😊

  • But I went to the doctors took wee sample and got told am not pregnant about 3 days ago :/ so am confused about it 

    5 of this pregnancy tests came back the same 

  • Doctors tests may be testing for higher levels of HCG get a first response early test that will tell you for sure x

  • Thank you for everything . I will try 

  • Slavka Good luck to youimage

  • I tested today with clearblue and according to the results i should have 2 vertical lines if I am pregnant and 1 vertical line if I'm not.But in the result section instead of vertical line I got faint horizontal.Can anyone help me with this please?Confused.image

  • The horizontal line doesn’t appear to have any colour, It could be a faulty test or not enough urine on it x

  • Thank you for your reply i will try to test back again tomorrow morning.Baby dust to all..

  • Thank you kukii

  • Did you test again Slavka?Mine was bad luck this time.It was negative.Nevermind I will try again this month.Baby dust to me and all who are trying to conceiveimage

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