My cycle is abit knocked off need help! Bcuz of folic acid ?

So im normally a consistent 28 day cycle, but i started folic acid and literally 8 days after id had a period.. i bleed for another 4 days ,cause of this change my period tracker as adjusted and said i should be due on, and that im 14dpo, is this info accurate? Idk whether to expect a period or not, should i just ignore it and expect my cycle to return to normal? Also is it normal to bleed again due to folic acid? 


  • I don't think folic acid would mess with your period, or should even make you bleed. Also, you probably don't need to start taking it until you are pregnant. 

    I think that extra bleed has messed with your period tracker and spotting ovulation this month might be tricky. Have you taken a pregnancy test, just to be sure? 

    If i were you, i'd keep charting all your symptoms and just wait for your next period. Hope this helps x

  • I take folic acid for something else( that wouldnt effect bleeding) or otherwise i wouldnt bother, i think it as messed with my tracker although i am getting mild cramping so i am half expecting my period, if this bleed hadnt of happened my period wouldnt be due for another 8 days, which is why i havent taken a pregnancy test because i thought it be too early to, but its still not shown up so im gonna go ahead and get one, thanks for the help

  • definitely important to take the folic acid when you are trying not just once you get pregnancy. Folic acid helps to prevent neural tube defects like spina bifida & that process of building the spinal cord and column is complete by just 6 weeks gestation (2 weeks after period due) so it’s important to have a good store of folic acid so that a baby can use that straight away at week 4!. As you are using it for somethinng else anyway you should of course keep taking it. 

    Not shouldn’t mess with your cycles at all. Some other supplements can but folic acid is not one of them. Was the second round of bleeding heavy? Or just spotting? Mid cycle spotting can happen randomly and isn’t usually anything to worry about... spotting mid way during the luteal phase can be more troublesome if you are ttc but before ovulation shouldn’t really cause any issues (thats what my obgyn said). If the second lot of bleeding was just spotting then I wouldn’t reset your cycle based on that... if it was full On bleeding like a period then maybe so. 

  • Both bleeds lasted four days which is the normal for my periods, and they were both as heavy as they normally are, thanks tho i think i will base my next cycle of the 2nd bleed x

  • I have always been regular as clockwork. Wake up on the 28th day and there it is. We started TTC 2 months ago and I started taking folic acid then. 

    Last month I was 2 days late. Tested negative. This month I was 6! days late and again tested negative. 

    The only difference is the folic acid. Can't think why. Unless mother nature is just that cruel that she'll make you late for the first time in your life, just as you're hoping to get pregnant. It really sucks.

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