OPK Experts - when would you say I ovulated?

I’m in my first proper cycle following a 13 week mmc. I’ve been using OPKs this month with some interesting results. When would you say I ovulated? 


P.s I know this isnt an exact science but my obsession helps to pass the time x


  • Looking at your test I’d say you ovulated after your positive on the 11th day x

  • Thanks Robin, I think I agree, just all of the pretty much positives have me a bit baffled and then another positive last night which threw me. I suppose time will tell, I just wish I had more patience! x

  • I normally get a good few positives after my first one but then they ease off , have you taken a pregnancy test? Or contacted the doctor to see if they would do blood test .. if I was you I’d stop using the test because one your driving yourself mad , two your wasting them and three you have ovulated xx

  • Haha I know you are right with all of those things! I did do an internet cheapie today which was negative but at most I think I’m 7dpo. I plan to wait until Friday if I can and use a first response.

    Thanks for replying x

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