Is this positive?

image I was late On my period then had a very strange 2 day period. Maybe 10 hours of heavyish flow and just spotting. Feeling nauseous. Did a hpt and it was neg but all opks are testing positive. I’m confused has this happened to anyone else and youvr gone on to be pregnant? 



  • I think by the time an opk picks up a pregnancy a pregnancy test should as well but don’t quote me on that.

    Other than that i can’t advise anymore, maybe try a hpt again with fmu.

    hopefully you get some answers soon xx

  • Thanks! I have read that people do test negative for up to 6weeks but I’m just not sure what to think  

    Mother than going to doctors or waiting I guess I won’t have any proper answers. The waiting and not knowing is driving me MAD 😂

    thought Maybe others had been through something similar. Here’s hoping..

  • I know, it’s very frustrating, you just want to know either way, are you having any symptoms?

  • Well I was at a wedding on Saturday and when the fish starter arrived  was literally so nauseous I was throwing up. Been feeling A little tired and having slight twinges and cramps in my stomach. The weirdest thing for me was I was 5days late for AF and then when I came on it was only 10hours of actual flow and then another day of spotting So I really really don’t even know whether that can even be counted as an actual period as there were no clots or anything and my usual period is 5-6 days. 

  • Yes that is quite strange, maybe book an appointment with the doctor? Possible chemical pregnancy or early miscarriage or you are pregnant and it’s just not showing yet

    let me know how you get on, hope you get some answers soon as I’m sure you are going out of your mind x

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