Negative test?

Hi ladies

In currently 8 DPO I've done a cheapie test and it looks like it's negative I then did a first response and i thought I saw a line but could be very wrong. My AF is due in 2 days and I'm currently at a 26 day cycle what do you ladies think. imageimageimage


  • I can defiantly see a line but not sure if it is an evap line or not x 

  • Omg so glad you can see that too.. I'm not going crazy haha xx what do you think 

  • I can see it in first and third pic. You definitely are not going crazy lol

    ive had evap lines on these before thats the only reason I’m saying that

    when does af come? X

  • My AF us due Wednesday chick. I'm not sure what to think as the cassanova cheapies cane bag negative and they are supposed to be 10ml if which ever it is lol xx

  • Same here, mines due wed/thurs.

    10mlu is an early test, so the higher the number the less the sensitivity 

    i know it’s hard as I’m in same boat but try and hold out until Wednesday and test again in the morning x

  • Hello just wanted to say happy testing g8r tomorrow. I will be testing 1st thing when I wake up. AF not arrived yet touch wood it doesn't make an appearance ket me know how you get on xxx

  • I got my 2 lines today 😊 

    good sign so far, good luck, let me know how you get on xx

  • Congrats chicka... I've tested today but it looks same as the other night  I'm not feeling confident xx

  • I think I can see a line too. Fingers crossed.

    I’m on day 26 of my cycle but I usually have a 29-30 day cycle but ovulated late this month. I did a test today and stared at it so long convinced myself there was a line but don’t think there was 😂🙈 x 

  • It's so bad isn't it when you stare for so long I'm 9 DPO I got my peak on a clear blue digital ovulation test on Sunday 10th so it's not been long. Should I be disappointed at 9 DPO to get a negative with evening wee?? 

    Knoxaroo how many DPO are you xx

  • No hayley I defo wouldn’t be, I got my pos opk on Monday 11th so hopefully o on the 12, and I’ve just gotten a bfn with fmu.... I’m not counting myself out until af shows. At 8dpo the only reason im doing cheapie tests is cause I love doing them so much... not expecting to see anything so it doesn’t make me upset. X

  • I’m not sure, I didn’t track anything this month, just went with the flow, my af was due today/tomorrow 

    9dpo is still pretty early though, give it till around 12dpo Anandarajan try again

    it also depends on the sensitivity of the test you use as well

  • Hello. No I've decided not to count me out either  I've heard of women not get positives until 14 DPO... hope we get positives soon. I usually order my testes online but I dernt buy them from shop xx

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