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I’m ridiculously early to test I know but just can’t seem to help myself. What do you think of this. It’s difficult to pick up on camera but there is something faint ther which came up in the time scales. Do evaps come up so quickly? 



  • I see a line on the bottom pic , when is AF due, if the line has colour and it can up in the time frame then it’s found hcg, xx

  • That looks very promising! 

  • I’m a prolific POASer and had early bfps with both my boys but didn’t test until 9dpo with them. I’m 8dpo at most today so it’s way too early really. I had a mmc at 13 weeks 7 weeks ago and have had my AF since so am just hoping it isn’t left over hcg. 

    Do evap lines come up so quickly? x

  • I know everyone goes on about evaporation lines, but I have had so many tests that even after being left have never had an evaporation line. To me there is definitely something there, albeit faint! Try testing again in a few days, and no doubt the line will be stronger!! Good luck! Xx

  • Yep I’m going to try and wait until Thursday am at least unless I can wait longer. I’m my own worst enemy but just genuinely can’t help myself! 

    Thanks for replying x

  • Im a POAS addict even when I know I’m not pregnant after AF had shown her face and I know I’m out, I still need to test just so I know 100% I’m not 😩 it’s like punishing myself but I just can’t help it so desperate to get my BFP! 

    Hope the line continues to get darker!xx 

  • Yayyy razoredcarrot How exciting... im so happy for you. I defo see a line. Test again on Friday. Have you got any cheapies to help the addiction in the meantime. 

    I did one today with a cheapie, came up negative which I expected but I don’t want to use a expective one until the weekend if af hasn’t shown xx 

  • Cheapies have never shown positive for me until day of my missed af maybe the day before so it’s probably unlikely they will show anything. I think if I can’t manage to go a day without testing I need to make a promise to myself I will only use the cheapies until Thursday or Friday. I don’t know why but for some reason I’m just not convinced on these... time will tell x

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