Ovulation test advice please

Hi all, so we have been ttc for 18 months and have had no luck. I have played around with ovulation sticks over the months but decided this month I am going to do them every day/twice per day to find out once and for all if I'm actually ovulating. 

My last 3 cycles have been 

40 days, 32days and my most recent was 33 days but they have been really up and down.

I am on day 20 in my cycle today and still haven't had a positive ovulation  stick.. below is this evening's test and its probably the darkest so far but still not a positive. Looking for advice on whether you think I could be building up to it still or if it' too late in my cycle and I'm perhaps not ovulating? Any advice would be great. Thank you in advance xx


  • Hey , ovulation sticks truly baffled me to begin with and different brands give different results too just to make things more complicated, anyway going off your last cycle you should ovulate at day 19 but seeing as your on day 20 that can’t be right, so if your test for today looks like it’s the build up for a positive in the next day or so , just keep DTD for the next couple of days and keep testing too , good luck xx

  • Thank you for replying lovely. 

    So maybe like you say it could be on it' way soon.  

    Next question ... when you do get a positive ovulation test how long after are you likely to ovulate? 


  • Im really unsure when I obulated last month if I did because I thought we dtd over when I should have ovulated but perhaps not. 

    This is last month's cycle 


  • When you get your first positive you normally ovulate around 12-36 hours later , your hearts look pretty good on last cycle and if you ovulated around day 20 then I’m sure you done everything possible to try and make it happen.. 

    we are ttc and during my fertile days we DTD every 2 days and on day of first positive opk test then day after , just have to let nature take its course, our body’s are so confusing no month is the same xx

  • Thank you for your help and advice. It' so frustrating isn' it . How long have you been ttc if you don' mind me asking? Wishing you the best of luck x

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