Positive or negative?

Hi i really need a second opinion on the test i can see a very faint second line but can anybody else? I had the depo in January of this year and normally my periods are like clockwork but last months period was 2 weeks late but that was just on and off bleeding now ive got bloody discharge & its driving me insane now. Any help pleaseeee x



  • Maybe wait a day or two and test again, its so hard to wait.

    Sorry to jump on your post but I'm the same boat! Any thoughts? image

  • Sophiebee your test looks positive, 

     gwhite I can’t see a line at the moment, maybe test again in a couple days and if you can get one try a first response test 

  • Its painful isnt it😓

    Your test does look positive hun with both my pregnancies both my first tests came up like that at first so id say yes its positive😊 good luck xx

  • Robinangel its so hard for me to get a picture where you can see the other line its a lot more visible in person. Im just going to re test in a few days i think. 

    Heres another pic which is slightly more visible. image

  • thanks for replying ladies going to test again tomorrow  🤞 for you Gwhite18 😘

  • Keep us updated hun. Thankyou❤

  • Hi ladies tested again this morning looks negative . I've still got 5 days until AF Is supposed to show so still keeping fingers crossed! the only reason I did the test so early is because I had dark blood in cm when I went for a wee 4 days ago sorry tmi and i was hoping it might have been implantation bleeding but trying to stay positive as it's still very early days! We will have to wait and see. How are you doing Gwhite18? 

  • imagesorry to just jump in girls can any 1 see a line on this test i also took 1 this morning but was nothjng there then a very small thin line appeared so was think evap line just took this an can thinkni see a line any thorts xx

  • Hi xxemaxx 

    How long ago did you take this test? Can defiantly see a line ! 🤞🤞🤞

  • Just took it bout 15 mins ago an tjort i can see a line was defo within 5 mins x

  • If it was in the time frame I would think that is a faint positive. Do you know when your period is expected?

  • Xxemaxx i can just make out a second line aswell, best to wait a few days and re test but good luck. 

    Sophiebee oh no, it could just be too early yet hun. Ive not re tested yet im going to do it in a couple of days and test again because i can 100% see a second line on my test but ive woken up this morning and ive been having cramps and have started bleeding aswell but its not as heavy as a period and last time i was pregnant i bled aswell so unsure what to think at the moment x

  • 6 days my period is due an thanks i will do am soo impaient haha thanks girls good luck too you too xx

  • Gwhite18 i hope everythink is okay got my fingers crossed 4 u babe xxx

  • Xxemaxx trust me hun, your not the only one!😂 people say try and forget about it and it will all just come, well thats easier said than done isnt it😂 good luck hun & thankyou its so scary for me at the moment xxx

  • Oh ano 😂 its too hard to forget about an thanks chick u too i bet u it is praying for u 🙏 xxx

  • Xxemaxx I'm the same I end up buying so many tests! 

    Hi Gwhite18 hope everything go's okay! Keep us updated! It's not uncommon to bleed in the early stages ! 

    I've been feeling incredibly nauseous today and I had terrible morning sickness with my first daughter. But I think I'm hoping for any little symptom lol xx

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