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Implantation bleeding?


hi ladies. Could this be implantation bleeding? I had a period from the 10-13 of this month so I am now on day 17 of my cycle. This happened only when I wiped and I’ve been cramping, nauseous, light headed and dizzy. 


  • hi khideon, how long is your cycle and when did you ovulate? X

  • Usually like 28-30 days and it was sometime early-mid last week. I don’t know 100% 

  • Implantation usually occurs after 6dpo so it could be. If your cycle is between 28-30 days I think you ovulated between cd14-cd15 so that would make you 3dpo when you had the spotting which will be too early for implantation. Unless you ovulated on cd12. I’m not entirely sure. That’s why It’s important to track your ovulation day. keep me updated. All the best. X

  • Hi ladies,  I had my af on 5th -11th june.Had MC in May.Soon after my af was done we were DTD every alternate day.Started from 14th June actually.So from 24th June night I have been getting very bad cramps in my right lower tummy couldn't get proper sleep as back too was hurting.In the morning when I woke up found some brown discharge.This continued for 3 days in total that is from 25th June to 27th June.It was slight red on 27th.My cycles are irregular as I have PCOS.Really confused don't know if I had implantation bleeding.Keeping fingers crossed as I have been ttc for almost 6years now.I took first response pregnancy test today it was negative.Think it was too early for testing.Can anybody please help.

  • Kukii, I think there’s a chance it could be implantation. However with PCOS anything is possible. It takes 2-3 for hcg to show on test after implantation. Check in another 2 days. GL to both you ladies. X

  • Abby88 Thank you sweetie..Will test back after next week.Hope you are doing good.

  • Did you end up being pregnant?? Im having the same issues but mine has been going on for the last 5 days (5 days today 3/5/2020). The first day it was pink and very, very light, the second a but heavier but no where close enough to be considered my period (its typically super heavy as in Ill go through a big box of tampons in 5 days) and it was pink, orange, and brown throughout the day. On the third day it was like the second day but wasnt as heavy. Yesterday it was strictly brown discharge off and on, here and there and then twice today now its looked like the picture. I want another baby so bad. I have two kiddos who I by far didnt have to try for (especially my daughter as my kiddos are 11 months and 13 days apart and are 2 and 1) and Ive been tryimg for baby #3 for the last 4 months. I just want to have my little trio!!
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    Did you get positive results after this observation?

    I have observed the same. Don't know when to test. 

    Please update.

  • Hi! Did you ever come out as positive for pregnancy? Please update. 
  • Hi! This has happened to me a few times and I was not pregnant. 
  • I had a miscarriage last month. My hcg level was 94 on 12 april. I had it tested again on 16 april and it increased to 109.4. I did a pregnancy test, it came out positive. 
    But from yesterday i am having a very small amount of discharge like that in picture. Am i miscarrying again? 
  • krishankalindi

    I have the same experience... How u doin? 
  • Hey did you find out what it was? I think I might be having one too 
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