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Positive OPK on CD4??

I had a mmc at 13 weeks 8 weeks ago. Always had regular 28 day cycles before that. First cycle after mc was 29 days then my last one was 25.  also I’ve gone from having 5 days of flow to just 3 heavy days. I randomly decided to start my opks this afternoon and it’s more or less positive. Any ideas? 



  • I know some women get positive OPKs before their period starts but no idea if that would last the duration of your cycle. Hopefully someone can help. Guess if you feel up to it BD in case

  • Yes get baby dancing RazoredCarrot!! And keep doing opks (not at the same time hahha 😜) xx 

  • Thanks ladies! Very bizarre but will try not to read anything into it. I haven’t too H but luckily he appears to be feeling fruity tonight so I will of course oblige hahahahaha!! 

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