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FRER Tests??

Hey ladies, so I still have zero signs of AF incoming! Woo. 

And I have some FRER tests in my possession so I'm just wondering if I tested with a Clearblue on Monday/Tuesday with FMU and got a negative, what's my chances of getting a true result from a FRER today with non FMU, it'll be urine after having drank a pint of water the moment I got in from work, but having drank little else while at work. My last pee was about 3hrs ago. Drank water 20mins ago (in case it makes a difference) or would you suggest FMU tomorrow? :D

I'm so excited to do this test! 

But I also know af could just be planning to stealth bomb me...

TIA beautiful ladies xx


  • First morning is always best especially early on (unless you drink loads in the night) 

    Good luck. No sign of AF for me either. Expected  it would be today but as my cycle varies between 27-31 days there is still a window that she could arrive  (which will probably be tomorrow just to throw me) 

  • There is zero window for me. Its a 26 or 27 day cycle depending whether I start before I got to bed or before I get up the next morning. 

    I've had nothing today to tell me the witch is incoming. I'm soooo excited!! 

    Will I be ok to have a cup of tea before bed tonight? It's not likely to dilute it too much is it? Sorry, its just I really wanna maximise my chances of getting that big fat one rather than a confusing squinty bugger of a line, yknow? 

  • Think you will be fine with a cup of tea. Think it needs to ideally be a four hour hold. 

    Good luck for the morning if you are waiting! 

  • I'm gonna wait I think. 

    Seems oh is in a bad mood after a crap day at work.  I don't much fancy getting either a bfn or bfp with him in such a bad mood.

    Tomorrow will be better. 

  • image

    Bfn, pretty gutted... I'll start my morning prepared for AF to visit then :(

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