5dpo anyone else in the same boat?

Hey :) 

Currently 5dpo and looking to chat with others in the same boat :) 

Plan to test at 8po with some cheap ebay tests :) 



  • 8 dpo is far too early to test hun. The earliest would be 10dpo and even then that is still quote early. Implantation typically would occur between  6-10dpo and then would take four days at least  before hcg was high enough to register on a test. Good luck with your two week wait but even with internet cheapies  i wouldn't waste them testing early

  • Ah i know its too early really. They were like £1.50 for 10 so doesn't really matter. I have googled loads and seen other threads on websites where people got early positives but its mainly just out of curiosity.  I have a son already but this is the first time i am actively trying with ovulation tests etc 

    How long have you been trying? 

  • Jumping in this post! :) I’m not 100% sure when I ovulated, I was due to ovulate today, so done ovulation tests from last weekend got a very near positive monday but now nothing... reckon I may have ovulated early and missed my surge on the tests! So I’m possibly around 4-5dpo too 🙈

  • Those ovulation tests are so addictive aren't they! I got a definite positive ovulation test last saturday. Had already done the deed couple days before, then the same day as the positive and the next morning so i think im in with a pretty good shot as after a surge you ovulate like 12-24 hours later i think :) 

  • They so are! Oh that’s good, sending lots of baby dust your way! ✨

    If I did ovulate early, i think I may be in with a good chance too as we did the deed a lot after AF finished and all that week so fingers crossed for us both 🤞 Heres to the 2ww!

  • How exciting. Fingers crossed for you too. I've got like 10 tests in the cupboard that are meant to be super early tests, 10mlu. Going to try to hold off until tuesday hopefully :) 

  • Very exciting! It’s so hard putting off testing, I’m a bit of a POAS addict I just admit spent so much money in the past on them😂 

    This month I am trying to take a really relaxed approach and just wait to miss my period and leave it as long as possible it’s going to be so hard!🙈

  • Lol i have been testing but obviously with no positives as its still too soon. I have been really bloated past couple days, my partner was like you look pregnant! And tbh it really looked it but its gone down now. Also had like a mild ache in my lower tummy, like it just feels like a pressure it doesn't hurt as such. Its so hard to know if its in my head aha. Last month i started bleeding 5 days before my period was due and it got my hopes up it was implantation bleeding and i got all excited but then it turned really heavy and it was just my period. But then i did ovulate this time as normal. So im confused as to whether this mild achey feeling is that im going to be early again x 

  • Can I join?

    AF due on Sunday  ...the wait is frustrating 

    5th cycle trying. I have decided not to test until the day of AF

    Good luck ladies x

  • Yes of course. I am also due sunday. I tested again today but again nothing. Sounds daft but i just feel like i am pregnant :) 

  • Hey, 

    Hope it’s ok to join? I’m currently 7dpo, due Tuesday. I know what you mean by you feel pregnant. 

    Its my 2nd cycle trying after being diagnosed with Endometriosis xx

  • I don't know if its all in my head but i hope not! I've been so tired. Something just feels different. Apparently these internet cheapies tests i got are rubbish though i found out after some googling 

  • Hi Lucybubbles, 

    ive tester today. I know it’s super  so not too dissap with a BFN. 

    What other symptoms have you noticed? My boobs feel heavy, I’ve getting tugging pains. plus my CM has really increased, really creamy and sticky. I felt for my cervix and it’s so high. 

    Mice spent a fortune on CB tests. Apparently I can test from Thursday with the CBED tests. 

    How many days dpo are you? 


  • I am 9po now. The main things i have felt is mainly like being really tired allthe time. From 6dpo i have just felt like a pressure in my lower stomach like cramp but it doesnt hurt. Thats still kind of there. And i have been bloated on and off. Tested again but still negative. I just feel off. Im not too worried atm about the negatives. Expecting my period sunday so still a way off yet :) 

    Dont even know what i would be feeling for with the cervix if im honest aha. 

  • I know what you mean with the lower admonan aching. 

    I‘m due Monday so like you still early. 

    Haha I‘ve never had to do it before but I’ve been googling so much. I could have a PhD in it 😂 it just feels really soft and very far up. Apparently it’s a sign 😊 xx

  • Well i had a quick google aha and a quick feel. Mine is either incredibly low or im not feeling the right thing aha think i will leave that for now! 

  • Ha it’s a tricky one. I think there’s so many symptoms but without Missed AF or BFP, it’s difficult to be certain. I’m sure I’m wanting it so much too that I’m making some symptoms up ha xx

  • Not going to lie thats kinda dampened my spirits a bit i wish i hadn't checked! Ah well. What will be will be. 5 days just seems so long still doesn't it! Xx

  • Ohh I’m really Sorry Hun. Just remember everyone’s different 😘

    I know, hurry up 5 days!! When’s the earliest you can test? I‘m so impatient xxx

  • I've been testing with my cheapies but don't rate them now. Its curing my need to pee on sticks though aha. Iwasted so much money on tests last month so just gunna wait now till after miss af. Will keep testing the cheapies everyday. Do you plan to test early? 

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