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Who else?!

i see so many posts on evap lines or indent lines what ever you may call it but lets sit back and think for a second.... me personally have never out of 6 years had any kind of problem with a hpt other then havong a bfn or bfp witch brings me to what I have to say number one a test isn’t going to say positive unless you have hcg in your urine weather you take it and it’s neg one minute and then you go back and it’s positive doesn’t happen that way the test will detect hcg and be slightly positive if negative it’s going to be negative my beliefs lay behind Science the test were made to detect one thing and with out it its not going to be positive. most of you will disagree but read up on it true doctor tells the fact weather you will believe it or not. EVAP LINES DONT EXIST On pregnancy tests sorry

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