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Trying to conceive with Endometriosis

Hi all,

Long story short about me. I started my AF when I was 11 and instantly knew that it wasn't normal. Huge battle and operations 18 years later to finally be diagnosed with Stage 2 Endometriosis on the 26th April. I have been on progesterone only contraception since the age of 13 due to the excruciating pain every month! 

Prior to my diagnosis I went on the Copper coil (What a mistake this was!) All my symptoms came back and it was debilitating. I was hospitalised and this led to the further investigations.

My cycles on the pill have always been between 29-43 days and the 2 months on the coil they were 31 days. After my op I went back on the pill for 1 month and my cycle was 28 days. So I'm hoping I have been in a 28 day cycle this month :) 

My boyfriend and I decided to come off contraception on the 24.05.18 and have been actively trying since. My last period was 12.06.18, which means that hopefully I ovulated 25/26.06.18

I have been a hormonal mess since 27.06.18 crying at nothing and I have been getting sharp stabbing/tugging pains in my lower abdomen, almost like mild cramps that last for a few seconds. Is this something that anyone has experienced? 

Thankyou xx

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