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Pregnant or not??

Hello I’m just looking for a little bit of help. 
I am 18 years old with a 6 month old son, yes I know I am a young mum but my baby boy is my world and I wouldn’t have life any other way image 

So basically, yesterday I had some light bleeding (bright red). It was very light and didn’t last long at all, then last night I experienced some brown cm (sorry if tmi), so I just thought I was starting my period a day early. I am supposed to be due on today but didn’t feel right this morning so I decided to take a pregnancy test and I got a very faint positive and I am now spotting pink cm, can anybody tell me what is going on? I really did expect af today as I had the little bleed and brown disharge yesterday so I am very confused 

thanks x


  • Congratulations on your positive! Sounds as if you could have experienced implantation bleeding. It is unusual to get a false positive, it could be faint because you are very early on in your pregnancy. Test again in a few days time (2/3) and if you should find you have a stronger positive give your doctors a call. 

    Good luck 


  • Thankyou :) Is it possible to have implantation bleeding a day before af is due?

    i will be leaving it until Monday and if I get a stringer positive I will definitely be visiting the doctors. 

    I was just worried as it was so faint and I had the little bleed yesterday so don’t want to get my hopes up x

  • Stronger** not Stringer haha I’m very tired xx

  • Yes I believe so, I’ve read some women implant as early as 6 dpo and some as late as 12 dpo! I think the ‘average’ is around 9 dpo. It all depends on how long your luteal phase is and everybody is different, it is commonly 12-14 days. Although I think most womens luteal phase tends to be the same most months. Some women have bleeding throughout their pregnancy but at this early stage there is nothing that can be done.

    Good luck and fingers crossed for Monday for you 


  • Babymumofmyson when I found out I was pregnant I had implantation bleeding after I had a positive pregnancy test and lasted 2 days 

    hop you get the answer you are wanting 😊 

  • Okay well thankyou both I will update on monday once I have retested xxx

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