Going insane symptom spotting?!

Hey ladies! 

I'm new to the form, i'm currently in my 2ww and going insane symptom spotting!

I'm trying to not symptom spot, and if i do have any symptoms i find an excuse for it, but from 9 DPO my symptoms seem to be getting alot less and i feel a bit too normal for my liking?!

I'm on CD24 (suspected 10 DPO but not 100% sure) 

1-3 DPO - migraine, cramping, hungry, bloated. (i have guessed this is from ovulation/progesterone etc?)

4-5 DPO - a ridiculous amount of energy, thirsty (probably from all the buzzing around i was doing!)

6-8 DPO - emotional breakdown every day, SOOO bloated it was uncomfortable, cramping like AF due, really sensitive clitoris (TMI sorry!) lethargic, backache.

9 DPO - i woke up and blew my nose and it was full of blood? i never get nose bleeds?

BUT then all my bloating had gone and i felt completely fine & energetic again. In the afternoon i then got a pulsing type of pain/pullinh near my belly button to the left side, it felt abit like stitch but lower down?

10 DPO Today - woke up feeling really normal. no symptoms at all. Then i just now got up, had a major sharp pain in my lower left side for a few seconds and then went dizzy. Now back to normal, absolutely nothing. Also took a cheapie and BFN, of course. I like POAS.

Am i going crazy? I am driving myself insane! Did anyone elses symptoms dissapear? Am i just imagining this whole damn thing in my head?! 



  • We've all been in your shoes hun and yes you will drive yourself mad symptom spotting. Every month I'd find something new when Symptom spotting and would convince myself I was pregnant. Last month I had a list of symptoms throughout everyday of my cycle and guess what?.. BFN! and AF showed. I'm not sure if you know this but after ovulation every women progesterone increases  pregnant or not and the the symptoms of progesterone and early pregnancy are exactly the same. So basically until you get BFP or AF you can't tell which is the culprit. Here's an interesting link if you'd like to read more, it really helped me put things into perspective and try to switch off from symptom spotting https://www.avawomen.com/avaworld/early-signs-of-pregnancy/

    Good luck and I hope you get your BFP soon x 
  • Thankyou for the link that's very useful! So basically all the symptoms are just progesterone up until implantation?! 

    So annoying I wish I could be one of these people who 'tries without trying'! xx

  • Pretty much! Sucks doesn't it when other people fall pregnant without trying. Try to keep your mind busy and if you find yourself symptom spotting distract yourself. I feel so much better this month for not constantly symptom spotting and this cycle has definitely felt a lot quicker too. It's so difficult though and as I'm only 2 days away from AF I can feel my brain over thinking things. If only we had a microscope so we could see what was going on in our bodies! 

  • Doesn't it just! I work from home so I'm sat in a room all day on my own for 10+ hours so it's hard not to over think every little thing!

    Wishing you the best of luck and sticky baby dust!!! When are you going to test? 🙊  x

  • Thanks for the link Lacey. I needed to read something like that to make me chill the fuck out! I have been the same and relatively relaxed this cycle until the last 2 days when I've been symptom spotting like crazy. I think it's because I know the wait us nearly over, AF due tomorrow. Nothing to do but wait....


    I am new in the forum, going crazy because of pg symtoms. fertigue,bloated,cramps on both my abdominal sides. Before spotting and when im spotting.

    I took clomid 50mg in May, stated spotting Day25, then BFN. skiped Clomid in June, but spooted again on day 24, TESTED & BFNimage. Then on day 2of my periods I started taking Fertomid 100mg now i am on day 5 taking it, just in case. I tested this morning and still BFNimageimage

    I feel pregnant though but I keep testing BFN. I GOOGLE every symtom I see... The headache, the cramps, being bloated, green vein being so visible on my handes, back pain I CHECKED evrything ... im driving myself insane, it takes for ever TC.

    Praying that God send your babies to you all ladies. I hope we all end up image and get our babies... imagemmmmncwah

  • Hi obrooker, praying AF doesn't come for both of us! That article kinda tells you how it is doesn't it but made me stop symptom spotting.

    Beautyandthebump I won't be testing unless late AF.

    Themby welcome! Have a read of the link I put further up. 

    Really hope we all get our BFP's 

  • Omg same!! We havd been TTC since February for our first and this month I have had so many symptoms. My symptoms started 11 days before AF is due. I’ve had two spots in my knickers, cramping, nausea, bleeding gums and a metallic taste in my mouth!! I honestly feel like I’m going crazy!! Why is it such hard work being a girl?? Feel on edge!!

  • Hi Jess

    When is your period due? We can hold all ride the TWW together!

  • Hi Obrooker,

    I’m due on or around the 19th. How about you?? arghhh I’m constantly googling everything!!

  • Aaaah im due close to you guys, the witch is set to arrive on the 16th!

  • I'm due Friday the 13th! Already feel like luck isn't on my side image lol. Obrooker you must be due very close to me? 

  • Oh that’s so close Lacey!! ive never had any of these symptons before whilst trying!! Good luck for tomorrow!!

  • ladies just know that you are not alone, lets pray for one another, I cantimage even do my work i am constantly googling. I had a dream having 2 twin boys and my friend also has a dream I had twins a week ago. all these symptoms triggers the anxiety, and the negative testsimageimage constantly bring confusion. let my story encourage you and your stories and experience encourages me too. 

  • My app says I'm due today but that's based on my shorter cycle last month so even if AF doesn't show today then it could mean I'm back to 29 days cycles, in which case 16th is D-day for me. I'm feeling sick but I think it's just nerves waiting for AF to show!

    Good luck everyone 

  • Eeeek good luck ladies! Just think this time next week we may all know 😰 

    I think I'm gonna test tomorrow with a FRER 😑 then if it's positive I can have a good weekend and if it's not I have the weekend to get over it so I'm not miserable at work on Monday!

  • I’d text today too if I was you beautyandthebump!! I hate the unknown. Keep us updated 

  • I promised myself I wouldn't Jess, I made sure to use my morning pee before i persuaded myself to test today, haha.

    I'm not sure if I implanted yesterday, I had a blob of light brown CM yesterday afternoon and that was it. Today i feel like ive been hit by the flu bus. I'm not sure if that was me working myself up over the football last night  though 🤔😂🙈

  • Tomorrow I meant!! Sorry such a keen bean haha. I keep sneezing all the time at the moment too! Arghh

  • Haha! When are you going to test? 🙊 my fingers are crossed for you!!

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