August TWW

Hi ladies, I know its early to start, but I know I am out for July so for ladies starting the process again for the August TWW had somewhere to chat :-)



  • Hi again AK83. I'm due to ovulate 29th July so will be with you in the Aug Tww... Again! Feel like it's never going to be my turn! 😢 

  • Hey Lacey Til, I’m doing ovulation tracking with blood tests this month, which I am hoping will pinpoint when I ovulate. Hoping if anything doesn’t go to plan my FS will intervene, but fingers crossed for both of us for the next month ahead. Have you started seeing a FS? Keep the faith! Big hugs x 

  • Ak83 that sounds promising, I hope this is our month too! No I'm not seeing fs yet, my GP has told me to keep trying until the end of the year. I don't have the best health track but will keep trying anyways and keep giving it our all. Big hugs to you too, im so grateful I can vent on here as it gets lonely as no one even knows we're ttc. 9 months of it is taking its toll and feel like I want to burst into tears everytime mentions babies to me. 

  • Lacey Til, that sucks that you have to wait till the end of the year, but hopefully it will all happen well before then. Yea, this forum is fantastic and so supportive, all the ladies are awesome! I’m on my 9th month this coming month, luckily hubby is pretty relaxed about the whole thing, which helps me. I can empathise, everyone around me seems to be able to get pregnant at the drop of a hat xx 

  • Hi Ladies, do you mind if I join? 

    If my last cycle of 43 days is anything to go by, I will be due AF middle of August. 

    No idea when I am going to ovulate, this is my first month trying and second cycle off the pill so all still new and out of whack! Just nice to talk to people as my hubby pretends to understand but he doesn't want to hear all about cm and everything! 

  • Loulou15, everyone is welcome. Hahahaha.....I went up to my hubby one night with CM in hand to ask his opinion, needless to say he did not appreciate the inclusion 😂 Fingers crosses your body gets back into whack for you soon! 

  • Hi Lou Lou yeah boys don't really understand the woman body do they 😂 

    Ak83 we've been trying for the same length of time! And totally agree that everyone around me seems to fall pregnant easily too, i know it's not their fault but just feels so unfair at times. 

  • Lacey Til, something has got to give, I really hope it’s our month this time around! I have been taking supplements, but have decided to just take the prenatal vitamins and vitamin d this month, I just don’t know if the other supplements were helping or hindering. It’s so frustrating not knowing what is actually wrong, if anything. Everything has come back normal so far, so a little confused! 

  • Thanks! If I go by my last cycle I will be due to ovulate around the end of July, same as you Lacey Til! Getting small amounts of clear wet/sticky CM at the mo, so who knows when it will happen this month.

    Love it AK83! I don't think my hubby would be impressed! At least we have forums like this to chat and support each other. 

  • we can see the tww out together then Lou Lou! My last cycle buddy got her BFP recently. 

    aK83 what vitamins were you on and how long for? I'm taking NHP fertility support vitamins, 2nd month taking them but heard they can take 3months to improve things. The ones I'm on are actually meant to help you get pregnant. 

  • Ahh great news for her Lacey, but frustrating for you! I am really hoping it doesn't take too long, but I am aware that having not long been off the pill that it may take longer than I think! 

    I am currently just taking folic acid each day. Heard lots of conflicting views about pregnacare etc. And don't really want to mess with my cycle anymore than it already is! 

  • Lacey Til, I was taking Ovaboost, FertileCM, Megafol and fish oil and was doing so for about 3-4months. I noticed ovulation was getting later and later if my CM is anything to go by. I was worried my eggs might not be in great condition because I am over the 35 mark, but I got a chemical pregnancy before taking all of them and absolutely nothing since. So now I am back to basics with my prenatal and vitamin D which I was also taking along with the others.

    Hopefully I am due to ovulate at the end of the month as well, start blood tests next week on CD10 to hopefully pinpoint it.

  • Ladies can you give me some advice please. I know everyone is different but around your fertile window/ovulation how much cm do you notice? I have read it should be lots, but how much is lots?

    I am just wondering how close to possible ovulation I am getting! 


  • I get quite a fair amount in the few days leading to ovulation and around ovulation then I notice I become quite dry which I presume means ovulation is over. Sometimes I have to wear one of those ultra thin liners around ovulation as (sorry tmi) can get quite wet down there aha! 

  • Ok so lots then! Haha I have been getting little and often at the mo, thin, clear and sticky. Pretty much only when I wipe. So still a way off then! 


  • Hey LouLou15, it really depends on you and your body, I get hardly any CM and similar to you, its only when I wipe I see it. So keep BDing its more about the consistency of the CM which will tell you whether its fertile or not.

  • Thanks AK83! Noticed it a little bit thicker and stretchier this evening, think that's a good sign, so will just keep BDing! We have been sticking to every 3 days so far. 

  • Loulou15, good stuff! Fingers crossed for you! Hopefully I’ll be in your spot at the end of the month! 

  • Are you ladies BD already then? i'm guessing that you must have longer cycles than me as I'm still spotting (end of af) app says ill be fertile from Sunday so will start OPK's then and once EWCM appears start BD every other day. Then Usually do it 2-3 days in row once I get a positive opk but as this hasn't worked so far thinking maybe I should do it differently... 🤔 

  • Lacey Til, I am well off BDing still have a little left over AF, on CD 5 right now. Wasn’t going to start till CD 9 or 11. 

    I DTD every second day from CD 9 normally and keep going like that until CD 21. I was going to try the SMEP this time around because every two days hasn’t been working for me. So this month I will be doing something similar to what you do each month. 

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