Positive test??

Are these positive? imageimage 1st one is yesterday afternoon 

2nd on is this morning im not due on till 21st 

bit nervous 


  • Yes congratulation, nice strong lines as well

  • Your ego is Prego 👶🏼 Try relax and enjoy every second xxx

  • Hi Kafft, congratulations!! 

    I am due on 22nd or 23rd and am so desperate to do a test but am holding off as much as I can as this is cycle 10 now and I don't know if I can face another bfn! 

    What test have you used? Is it an er or regular test? 

    I very nearly went down the road to buy some but resisted! Now seeing this I am so tempted! Xx

  • image

    Please help!!!

    1st time poster,
    X2 superdrug tests done today. Missed period too. Already have a 2 year old. Is this happening? X

  • Would definitely say it is happening! Congratulations! 

    Seeing these two posts is making me want a bfp so much now. We are ttc #1 for 10 months and this cycle I just have a funny feeling inside this is it! But trying not to get my hopes up too much and have to face the fill force of disappointment xx

  • Thank you! Just in shock right now! Don't know how to tell my partner. Already have a 2 year old. Been with him for 10years. I was just about to find a job again & think about uni? X

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