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Faint positive or evap?



  • Hayfc, that's a great sign! Fingers crossed it keeps getting darker :) 

  • I’d be made up! 15 years since my last baby! Hope was lost! 

  • Hey Hayfc, 

    Congrats! Looks like a faint positive to me! I ovulated on the 20th July too and got my bfp on 11dpo. Want to keep testing everyday to see it get darker but I know that's ridiculous! I would tell you to wait a couple of days but if your like me you'll be testing tomoz haha 

    Been feeling dizzy and a bit sick today with more low abdominal cramps, kind of relieved for some symptoms tbh! 

  • Yeah I think I’ll be hot footing it to the shops to buy more tomorrow! I’m cramping a lot like Im about to have a period.. it’s constant and dull.. really low down! 

    I have everything crossed ... everything!! 

    I didnt have any symptoms way back back when I had my daughter, ddnt realise until I was over 30 weeks!!!!! This is alien to me! I do do hope that faint line is the beginning of the nect adventure!! 

  • imageWhen I was in the shop I bought one and thought ‘ohh sod it I’ll test again‘ 2nd wee... got this! I’m so nervous!!! 

  • Hayfc!! I think it's official: You are pregnant! Congrats! :) How many dpo are you? and how long have you been trying? So happy for you!! xx

  • 14 days post ovulation ... trying for 15 years! 3 mc! Unfortunate thing is my partner is off the scene as of last week! So I’m going at it solo! Eek! Now the waiting game to get to the 12 week point! Xx

  • Hayfc - Maybe it is worth having a conversation with your partner, depending on your relationship and how things ended. I am sorry to hear! I wish you the best and to stay strong and positive! What a special gift to fall pregnant after 15 years of trying! :) 

  • Ahh congrats Hayfc, I got the same result this afternoon too at 14dpo, looks like we will be bump buddies!!

    Sorry to hear about your partner, but so pleased for you, after so long!! 

    I am so excited but literally so nervous too as this will be my first xx

  • Hey ladies, just wanted to update you all and say that unfortunately I had a miscarriage on Monday. Absolutely gutted but hoping to move onwards and start trying again. Hope you are all ok? 

  • Oh so sorry to hear that. Such sad news. I was actually just thinking how you were getting along. I know how you feel it’s just so disappointing and upsetting.

    I’m hoping to ovulate next wednesday (although still bleeding from The chemical a week ago) and going to give it another go, hopefully third time lucky for me.

    keep in touch and I’ll let you know how I get on too. Thinking of you X

  • I heard you should always test every 48 hours Never the next day after you have already done a teSt. 

  • Oh LouLou15, I’m so sorry :( xx

  • I am super confused today ladies, I had heavy bleeding Monday with about 5 or 6 dark clots, then it eased yesterday to light with watery egg white type bleeding, now today it seems to have come to a stop altogether and I had really sore/heavy boobs earlier and now my nausea has come back... 

    I have heard that miscarriage bleeding lasts longer or presents like a normal period, but this has only been 3 days, my last period was about 6 days long... My GP didn't tell me what to do if I was having a miscarriage.. should I ring back to discuss with them again? 

  • Hi Loulou,

    ive had 2 in a row and my first one i only bled for 1 day, really heavy but it stopped after one day. I thought it was odd but the doctor said it’s normal, just depends on your body. This one I’ve bled for a lot longer, 6 days, my periods are normally 2 days so that’s long for me. I think it’s normal but ring your doctor is your worried hon. So sorry you’re going trough this. X

  • Hi Tavish,

    Thanks for that, you've helped me to put my mind at ease! When I was on the pill my periods only lasted for 3 days so I wouldn't have been bothered if I hadn't known I was pregnant. Just wish our bodies wouldn't make us feel worse and remind us of what's happened by keeping HCG hormones for a little while afterwards! 

    Thanks again xx

  • me and my parnter are trying for a baby and well I’m 4 days late on my perido and I have been feeling a bit sick and bloated and also very tired I’m not sure if it all in my head I have done an pregnancy test yesterday and I see 2 lines well a really faint line anyways . I done a test this moring and it was only one line I don’t no If it was too early in the moring to test as it was like 5 this moring but I’m going to over try again tomrrow or in a couple of days someone help I don’t understand all these pregnancy test things image

  • Hey Jessieee, I would say that's a positive! But test again in a few days and it should be darker if you are! Good luck xx

  • Thank you and I will doo dw Ill keep you guys up todate xx 

  • Jessieee that looks like a positive to me. Test again in 47 hours as the hcg levels Would have doubled. Good luck x

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