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Faint positive or evap?



  • I just done one this moring and a clear blue detial one it said not pregnant and I don’t one yesterday moring and it also said not pregnant so I don’t noo looks like I’m doing the doctors to find out why I’m late 

  • How many DPO are you? 

    That might be the reason clear blue is showing negative? 

    The test that showed positive where did you get that from? 

  • You shouldn’t be doing a test every day when its so early. The HCG levels double every 48 hours and doing it every day messes with the levels. 

  • Just tesco and what’s dpo I’m new to all of this xx 

  • Days past ovulation. 

    You should maybe try with a Fast Response test they detect really early pregnancy. 

  • I’m 5 days late on my period and my ovulation was the 19th of July 

  • clear blue test should definitely be able to detect that your pregnant. 

    I was 8 days late for my period and my tests where showing negative I was convinced I was pregnant but it just showed up really late. (First month to do that) 

    have you been taking any prenatal vitamins? 

  • No nothing been talking nothing I came off my pill like  a month ago so it probs just my per trying to get Bk to normal I suppose if I still haven’t come on in like another week then I’ll juat got the docs and I have used a clear blue it said negative and I used one that the doctor gave me that came back negative 👎 so maybe I’m not maybe that one that looks like 2 Lines really is a negative but my hormones made itoook like 2 as it was ment to be a deital one but deital bit didnt work so I just used it like that xx 

  • Lou Lou 15, sometimes at 6 weeks you can have a haemorrhage? Can you go in for a scan to see? 

  • Personally I think it’s your body trying to get back to normal from the pill. 

    i was on the pill for over 10 years and the first month i come off of my period took 6 weeks to come. It’s normal so don’t worry. 

  • Hayfc, I was only 5 weeks (from date of lmp) when I started bleeding. Doctors didn't say anything really just that it might be early miscarriage or maybe not. If it continues til next Monday to phone again. 

    Dr was suggesting that if I had just waited and not tested early then I would be none the wiser and would assume it was a normal period. So don't think she was very concerned. 

  • She sounds..... divine, full of heart.. oh if not this time, there will be a next time my lovely!

    I’m still testing every damn day.. I keep expecting to see a not pregnant One... Like it’s all a dream. Doesn’t feel real! The father is on the scene now though.. which I’m so pleased about! Xx

  • Yeah she wasn't particularly helpful to be honest... Feeling none the wiser about anything. Keep thinking I have stopped bleeding but it keeps reappearing, only light now though. But my bowels and nausea are all over the place still :-/ 

    Ah that's soo good! Soo pleased for you my lovely. How many weeks are you now? Are you entitled to any early scans at all? Xx

  • The app says 7,1. I’m thinking it’s more 6,3. 

    No early scans unless I start spotting to check if it’s viable. Tests are getting darker and darker. I keep thinking I’m bleeding and I keep feeling funny down below! 

    28th I have the 1st appointment, so we shall see if all is well then! I’m petrified and just want to go in and ask for a scan to see! Xx

  • Ahh it's horrible having to wait before even 1st appointment, but if your tests are getting darker then I am sure you are doing ok!! How are your symptoms? If you've got many yet xx

  • Sorry to just jump on lol! But i took two faint positives on Friday 10dpo! And now 12 dpo with FMU on a different brand I have this! Sometimes I look at it and I think I can see a tinge of pink but then I think I’m just being stupid lol. I’m not due af until Wednesday! image

  • Did you take it out of the proper housing!? There’s a very very faint something there.. try again in 48 hours. Frontline picked up very early for me. 

  • Frontline ha ha you can tell I just flea dropped the pets!! First response I meant ha ha ha ha 

  • Symptoms - sometimes sore boobs, lots of cramping. Feel sick sometimes... gone off tea and coffee... so so tired!! That’s it really! I’m started to think I’ve made it all up and that I’m not reallypregnant! Roll on the 28th xx

  • Yeah I did I needed a closer look lol with the plastic in front I couldn’t tell if my eyes were going funny! I’ll try again Wednesday morning when at is due :)! That’s like me some days I’m like i must be then the next I think I’m being over dramatic! Good luck! 

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