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Faint positive or evap?



  • Baby1225 I an definitely see that, I’d say that’s positive, congrats!!!

    girls... I got a faint faint faint positive this morning. im 10dpo. Trying not to get my hopes up but it’s hard! Will retest tonight. My tests were always darker with evening urine anyway.

    oh hayfc that’s awful, not what you need when you’re pregs! try and relax and not get yourself too stressed. Good look for your 8 week check, how exciting xx

  • Hi ladies I'm new to this and just wondering if anyone would be able to help.

    Been TTC for 6 months now and took a one step test today and then another both with faint lines. Not sure how accurate they are? 

  • Sorry picture didn't attach before. image

  • Hello just wondering if anyone can help me this appeared after 2 minutes when taken test. Im unsure as last time it did happen I ended up having a miscarriage. The only symptoms I have is sickness and tiredness. Im just unsure and wondering if anyone knows what this is. Between a evap line or positive.. thank you xx


  • Hayfc I have pm'd you x

  • kirsty I’d say they’re both positive. Congrats!!

    notsureanymore that looks positive, congrats. as long as it comes up in the timeframe. Clear blues always turn positive after the timeframe even when negative so Im really wary of them, I’ve had that problem before. I’d retest on a pink dye test if you can just to be sure


  • Hello

    Thank you for the reply.. do you know the best ones to use? I've used a few different kinds before and some were positive and some were negative. 

    Thank you xx

  • The best ones are frer if you can get hold of any, they pick up HCG when it's very early stages! X

  • Thank you I hope so! Going to try again in a few days to see if any darker. 😁

  • image hello everyon! This is a first response test do you think it’s a bfp??? i tested a few days ago and I got a line but not anything near as prominent as this one I have got today!xx 

  • image

    Can anyone see a faint line? I’m 11dpo, kind of think I’m out as I o’d Cd 14, so should have had proper bfp by now. I took a test with fmu and it was completely negative. Then this just now, I ant quit tell if it has colour, but it came up in about 3 minutes X

  • I’m not sure.. from far away yes? Maybe? Oh gosh! Test again tomorrow or Tuesday? fingers crossed 

  • Sort of Tavish! Try again in a couple of days lovely. 

    As for me... Well I am CD21 and got this OPKs today...


    So after having fertile cm for about 10 days I am only just about to ovulate. Feel really frustrated as this cycle is dragging already and only halfway!! Grr x

  • Oh that’s annoying LouLou, here’s hoping the time doesn’t drag for you! Really hope you get your BFP.

    af found me today 😔 so disappointing. my bulk order of IC tests I ordered online have just arrived today too. Suppose there’s always next month.

    you ok hayfc? 


  • I’m ok thanks Tavish..

    sorry to hear anout AF, keep trying Xxx 

    i was asked today today what I did around time of conception that was different... as it’s been SO long.. 

    1, each morning before drinking or eating anything I was having a warm shot of water with a quarter teaspoon of fresh grated ginger in it. pop in a shot glass, down it, cringe, get on with the day! I took it as a metabolism booster. 

    2, I got busy with it when I was really sunburnt, so my immune system was busy elsewhere! 

    3, I’d been taking 1/2 aspirin daily to see if it helped my sore legs.. old wives tale from one of the women at work! 

    Its just so odd that after 15.5 years I find I’ve conceived! 

    M/W was yesterday, they may look at admitting me to go on a drip as I’m really not keeping anything down (although I’ve gained 6lbs - go figure) other than that all is normal, just a wait for the scan and blood results! 

    Its all still very surreal, not believing it yet xx 

  • Hi ladies!

    So sorry AF found you Tavish, wishing you lots of luck for your next cycle.

    Hayfc so sorry you've been unwell with sickness, hopefully it doesn't last too long for you and you can enjoy the pregnancy!

    I am utterly confused by my cycle so far, I am CD24 today, no idea what dpo and have had extreme itchiness for 3 days (same as last cycle), today I have had lots of ovary type stabbing pains on both sides and around my belly button, boobs on off dull/heavy feeling, and tonight felt so super dizzy that I wobbled when I stood up to go for a wee. 

    Don't know whether these are all good symptoms and I ovulated a lot earlier, or perhaps it's ovulation related? I literally just don't know and it's driving me mad!! 


  • any updates from anyone?

    I think I’m 2dpo today. But, I’ve started temping this cycle and I can’t figure out whether I actually ovulated, as I didn’t see a dip in temp.

    We’ll see I suppose, going to try and forget about it this months and not test early X

  • All ok here, I have severe sickness still! It’s constant! Scan date is the 24th, so In 12 days time I get to see what’s making my body act like a crazy person! Just have everything crossed that all is ok xx 

    i do hope all is well with you both and that you have some happy news soon xx 

  • Would anyone say this is positive? I tested last week and got a negative, retested yesterday morning with Asda’s £1 tests, and I got what I believe is a faint positive (came up straight away within the 3 minutes and has colour) tested again with a first repsones, again a really really faint positive, but done a clear blue digital this morning and a big fat negative. So I’m confused image

  • Hi Lucy, I had the exact same thing.. very very faint first response and a negative clear blue. Currently almost 11 weeks pregnant. 

    Do a test in a couple of days.. I waited 4 days to retest with a digital clear blue and it said 1-2.. so was just super early xx

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