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Faint positive or evap?



  • Hey girls, how are you doing??

    Sorry it's been so long, been focussing on trying not to get too caught up. But I am pleased to say that I am 5 weeks pregnant today... Keep checking expecting to see bleeding and another miscarriage, but hopefully this one sticks!! 


  • Hello

    All good my end 10 weeks 3 days currently. Saw baby at 8 weeks due to severe pain and growing well with strong heartbeat. 

    Hope everything goes all well with everyone xx

  • Lou Lou, that’s amazing I’m so pleased for you. Congratulations!! 

    And congrats to you too ‘notsure’

    Im 14 weeks.. had an emergency scan two weeks ago due to random bleeds but all was good!! 

    Exhausted, working too hard, but I actually have a tiny bump and can feel flutters of movement.. on the scans the baby non stops raves around. Such a blessing!!! Xx 

  • Oh congratulations!!! So happy for you. I’m still trying but nothing 😔 I feel like it’s never ever going to happen X

  • Congrats notsurenymore, hope everything goes smoothly for you!

    Ah hayfc that's great news, so pleased your little one is so active! 

    And don't give up Tavish, it will happen sweetie! 

    Today is the dreaded day that I MC at in Aug, so if I can get past today I will feel much happier! Off on holiday next week... Just in time for nausea to make an appearance I bet! Haha 


  • Checking in!! How is everyone?! 

    I had my gender scan yesterday! I’m having a girl! 

    she Wouldn’t budge so I couldn’t get a good photo but her bits were well on display so at least I got what I went for! So pleased she’s healthy! Xx 

  • Aww that's so exciting! Congrats!! 

    I am doing well thanks, 9+3 today, and just waiting for my scan date to come through! My mum is speculating about me being pregnant and has now outright asked me via text and then in person too as she didn't believe me! Really annoyed as we are now going to tell her before our scan which we didn't want to do with my previous miscarriage! Xx

  • Oh no!! thars annoying isn’t It.. can you not blame tablets? My friend is on metformin (if that’s the right name for the ovulation ones) and has pregnancy style sickness all the time as she’s getting her body ready for a baby?! You could just say it’s the ovulation medication!!!  

    congrats though, so pleased all is going well for you, fab news! Xx

  • Well I don't even have sickness... Been super lucky! She just noticed me not drinking on my birthday a month ago, and wearing a baggy dress last night! Silly really. I am super excited to tell her, but we're still anxious to know everything is ok. 

    How did everyone react when you first told them? Xx

  • I had HG so it was really very obvious! Luckily it stopped at 12-14 weeks then boom I felt amazing! But.. everyone guessed and Work had to be told early because of the nature of the students I teach.. 

    everyone was initially shocked, very pleased, worried, excited, and almost instantly my mum annoyed me by being over the top and buying clothes etc early and it’s geberally getting on my nerves!!! Argh xx 

  • Aww I am sure she means well and is just super excited for you! She must know how long you've wanted this! Xx

  • I know bless her, she is.. and She’s going to be fab! 

    Good luck telling the folks! I’m sure they’ll be over the blooming moon to have it confirmed xx 

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