Looking for ttc friends

Hi girls! Was looking for ttc people to talk to as all my friends and family already have kids and never understand how I'm feeling or want to talk about it without patronising. 



  • Hi eerlyber, you've come to the right place as that's all we take about...lol. Do you have any children or are you trying for your first? Where about in about are you? 

    I'm ttc #1 and just going into cycle 6. TTC takes its toll spent it so I'm trying to relax a little more as I know it'll probably happens then (easier said then done eh?). X

  • *where about in your cycle are you

  • Hey sas1101!

    TTC #1 this is my 6th month too! I hate all the waiting :( I'm actually waiting on bloods coming back as my doctor didn't think I was ovulating, but now she think I just have low progesterone and short leutal phase. 

    I can't wait to have a baby but I feel I'm more worried about if there's something wrong. I know a lot of people are ttc for years but I don't know how they do it! 

    What age are you? 

  • Im 36 but I consider myself fit and healthy...you? Did you go to your GP because you couldn't conceive or did you have a feeling something wasn't right? If don't conceive this month I am going to have a chat to my GP. 

    I know how you feel about wanting a baby, my maternal instinct has been burning for a while but no it's a big raging fire and my oh already has children so although he's excited and don't think he quite understands my predicament. I know that's not his fault but it's just crap sometimes. 

    Hiwany days are your cycles? Mine are 26-28 days. I have always been 28 days for as long as I remember but think I might have broken myself the last two months as they have been 26 days and 27 days so I'm taking a way more relaxed approach this month. When do you get your blood results? Xx

  • That's good that your fit and healthy. Tbh my eating and exercise habits aren't all that good it's something that makes me wonder if that's an underlying problem. I'm 24 but all my family got pregnant instantly and after 5 months it's making me worry :( 

    I asked my GP to test my hormones only and she noticed it didn't pick up my ovulation when it should have, so we've now took another blood test just 7 days before af is due. I'm nomally 30-32 days but I took pregnacare suppliments the first month ttc and it took me to 38 days and since my period has been really unpredictable. 

    Are you using opks or temping? 

    At least you know there's not an issue with his swimmers! I'm begging oh to come and get tests with me just to put my anxiety to rest lol! But yeah I can imagine it's difficult for you :( 

    Where you on the pill or anything prior to ttc? 

  • Oh they said I should get my bloods by next week so I'm just praying I'm ovulating! X

  • Try not to compare yourself to other family members lovely you will drive yourself mad. It's good that your GP is checking your levels so soon and if there is a problem you can get it sorted. They can give you medication to help you ovulate if that's the case. The wait must be so horrible for you. As for health and fitness I wouldn't say I'm not a health buff but try to eat well, although I do enjoy the odd glass of wine or 3 and a take away on a Friday night 😊.  I think as long as you're not drinking too much etc you should be fine. Same goes for Oh. 

    I had been using opk's but found they stressed me out as I was so focused on the task and not missing ovulation. my oh felt used and abused and I was stressed to the max so I've ditched them this month and using cm as my only indication. I bought preseed and going to give that a bash this month as I've heard good things. 

    My oh is 10 years older than me so although he's has children it was a long time ago and things could have changed. I decided to give it the 6 months before I went to my GP. My oh has said he will get tested too. I'd give your oh some time to come around, men can be funny about their bits and have a certain amount of pride but he'll come around because he loves you. I've found the less pressure I've put on my oh the more he wants to talk about it.

    I had the mareina coil taken out 4 years ago but since then have been using condoms and *cough* the pull out method. Sorry tmi. 

    What about you hun, using opk's etc? Apps are pretty good too, i use Flo. I'm on CD9 and already have fertile cm so jumped on oh last night and plan to do the same every other night until way past next week! 

    When is your AF due again? I'm due 28th Aug. X

  • Did your positive opks go really dark? I really didn't think I was ovulating until I got one on day 20 that was really darker than the rest but it still wasn't what others had got :/ 

    Im on cd 23 just now but was not ttc this month due to the medication I was taking. I had BV :( hoping it's gone now! 

    I actually noticed I'm not getting the right cm, well I get a lot of cremy white discharge throughout the month and nothing changes so I'm not sure if that's an issue 

    How do you check your cm? If you don't mind me asking x

  • My lines did go dark and sometimes darker than the control line but I'd carry on testing and get positives for about 4 days so got flustered. I used the clear blue digi's after this and found them food bit again was pitting stress on myself and oh yo dtd like robots! It doesnt matter how dark your lines go, it's a positive if it's the same or darker than the control line and it depends on the amount of dye on the strip. Did you get positives? 

    Ok so I found out that I'd been checking cm wrong about two months ago. There a way of doing it if youre not squeemish .you put two fingers inside and give the tip of your cervix a gentle pinch and then check cm. I found that by doing this I was able to get much more cm that was in my vaginal passage. It works really well. So when I saw it last night popped in some preseed as an extra help for the swimmers. Xx

  • I can't tell if it's positive or not lol I got blood today though so that will confirm it for me when I get those results :) 

    Have you been taking any suppliments? I'm eager to try that Agnus cactus because  a lot of women swear it helps with short leutal phase but I'm so scared I will land up mucking up my cycle again :/ 

    I used the preseed my first cycle but oh hated it and said it made him feel numb, maybe I was using too much? X

  • Hi Ladies, 

    This is my second cycle TTC. Came off depo January 2018 fell pregnant in April however was a chemical pregnancy. After that we decided not to try to give us some time. I have only just started using the ovulation strips as I have been relying on my app. Began TTC last month and got AF today. My cycles are 30-32 days. However I’m extremely worried I’m not ovulating as I never have any of the obvious signs such as stretchy Cm, pain on sides etc. I have a dctrs appointment today. Do you recommend taking any supplements? Fingers crossed everything’s okay X 

  • Hey Anderson1605! 

    I'm in the same situation where I'm not sure if I'm ovulating :( I started taking opks I'm hope to find it and I think I did at cd20 got bloods on cd 23 so hopefully my doctor will find a good progesterone peak and agree I've ovulated. I'm actually going to book an appointment with a private clinic in the next couple of months to get me and oh completely checked just to put my mind at ease (took my sister 3 years to concieve, because she didn't get checked soon enough) 

    I've read that Agnus cactus is good for those with pcos and that it can bring on ovulation! I'm thinking about trying it but the first month I was ttc I used pregnacare multivitamin and it messed up my cycle for the worst! So I'm reluctant to try anything else :( 

    Sorry about your loss, I know how gutted I would be to have a chemical :( 

    Hope everything goes well at you appointment X 

  • Hi eerlyber and Anderson, how are you both this evening? 

    Anderson so sorry to hear about your chemical. Sending you lots of baby dust for this time. How are you checking your cm, i found that I wasing checking it right for the first few cycles and now seem to have got a grasp on it and can see my fertile fluid. As for ovulation craping I don't think many women feel it hun. Opks are a good way to check ovulation especially if you use them twice per day when you're close to your surge. 

    I took seven seas for a while but I think they're responsible for messing my cycle up.do have stopped and just take folic acid and zinc. I give the oh some zinc daily too as it's meant to be good for his swimmers. Xx

  • Hi ladies! 

    I am on month 2 of trying too! I actually conceived on my first cycle but it turned to an early miscarriage at 5 weeks. Just finished bleeding so hoping to saddle up and try again now.

    Always good to have people to share the journey with!! This will be my first baby so completely new to everything and in need of some friends to help me from going insane! 

  • Hi sas1101! 

    It might be a little tmi but I’m just kind of checking with inserting a finger not fully, is this the correct way? I always end up with the tiniest bit of cm on my finger, not really a lot to test. 

    My chemical was so hard, myself and my partner weren’t trying so it was a surprise shock. I was heartbroken after finding out, and ever since then I’ve wanted to try again however we’ve been waiting until we both feel ready again and now is the time! Hoping August might be my month however, this is only my second cycle trying & first time properly tracking ovulation! 

    Loulou15, im so sorry for your loss. It’s such a horrible thing. Baby dust to you. - my first baby too if I conceive! New mummy and I cannot wait to be. I’m so maternal, relative has just had a baby she’s 6 weeks and its so hard when your trying for your own! 

    thank you for your responses. X 

  • Eerlyber baby dust to you. good luck! :)

  • Hi ladies thought I’d join in on this one if you don’t mind 😄 

    sorry for your pain Lou and Anderson 😔 I too had a missed miscarriage in June. Got pregnant for the first time in April but the baby stopped devolping at 6 weeks and we didn’t find out until 9 weeks then I miscarried naturally at 11 weeks on holiday. 

    cut a long story short, 4 weeks on from the mc I had my first period. Then 2 weeks from that I got a positive clear blue OPK. DTD that day and the day after so I’m currently 9DPO and dying to know if we were as lucky this time 

    i conceived first time last time and it’s so hard not to expect the same again. Even though I know we were probably just very lucky at the time! My body’s been through quite a bit lately so I’m guessing now things will take a while😣 

    its so odd because when I was pregnant I didn’t even take a test until a week after my missed period i was so chilled about it even though it was completely planned and I used OPK then too. Now it’s like I can stop stressing and get it out of my mind. I just want to be preg again so badly. 

    baby dust to you all ✨xxx

  • Hello Brookes and LouLou, so sorry to hear about your MC's I can't even begin to imagine what you have been through. Sending you lots of baby dust for you trying again. XX

    I'm on cycle 6 and ttc#1 so I too have no idea what to expect. It's so hard not to invest so much of your time but I am trying to take a more relaxed approach this cycle so no opks and dtd when it feel right. I'm CD12 and just felt some ovulation pain so I think I may be entering the dreaded tww tomorrow. 

    Anyone testing early? Xx

  • Anderson to get a proper look at your cm use two fingers and give the tip of your cervix a gentle squeeze and that should give you a better indication of your cm. Hope that helps. Xx

  • Thank you Sas. I know it sounds stupid, but I was an emotional wreck when we had to wait between scans to see if I was going to miscarry. But since i passed everything I feel positive (ish) I just keep telling myself that my body had never been pregnant before and it was a trial run preparing myself for the real thing next time. Here’s hoping right?! 

    Ive been through worse (imo) when I lost my dad nearly 3 years ago now when I was 24 so I always feel if I can get through that I can get through anything. Weird huh? 

    I think if it happens again tho (which does really worry me) I will probably struggle more to cope definitely 😣 

    I know it really is isn’t it, I literally think about it allll the time recently! How long is your Cycle ? The tww is awful isn’t it. I did do a test this morning 🤣I don’t know why as it’s wayyy to early. So Im leaving it now for a couple of days. Want to try and Hold out until Sunday when af is due. Or possibly longer if she doesn’t arrive. Do you? Xxx

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