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6 dpo - Anyone having symptoms? Xx



  • Oh no! that's soo scary! image 

  • I guess you will know soon :)

    I had cold symptoms, sore throat etc. and I felt like I had a hangover just very weak and dizzy :)

  • KatieLou, how funny I’ve been waking up a lot at 3am and not being able to get back to sleep.... how strange??? 

    And I’m not sure if I would class them as vivid dreams but since ovulation I feel like I’ve been dreaming everything night and can remember them when I wake up for abit which is very unusual for me, I’m a type of person who feels like they don’t dream. 

    Praying these are pregnancy symptoms hahah. Xx 

  • It was so messed up Mag1988 😮😂 Yeah exactly. Either way it’s out of my control so will just have to wait and find out! 

    Hi Littlemish, that’s so strange! Same for me I never dream or wake up at that time, so both have been strange going ons! Me too! FC for us both! Xx

  • KatieLou it’s very strange hahha, well I hope it’s a good sign for us. Yes fingercrossed for us, I want a May baby so so much xx 

  • Hi Ladies! 

    Mag thanks so much for advice, the ones I have now are folic acid with vitamin D, shall I carry on with these or change? Ive taken these for about 6 weeks prior. I don’t know what to do with myself Mag! im losing my marbles, I’ve literally forgotten everything this morning, had to go back home twice, once for my phone and then realised I didnt have my purse and went back again. 🙈

    i actually can’t believe it’s positive, I did Another this morning just to make sure and the line was much darker this time! i really don’t want to get myself worried sick about losing again. 

    Thanks KatieLou! I had symptoms pretty much from 3dpo! It was strange ... I thought I was reading too much into it. But all my symptoms disappeared at like 10/11dpo. I just had loads of really vivid dreams that felt so real and SO much trapped wind, I still have that now. That is the only lovely sympTom I kept!! 😂 good luck to you all .. I’m hoping this thread is a lucky one for everyone! Xxxx

  • SBW congrats again :) you really need to relax. I'm sure your vitamins are good!

    Drink plenty of water and eat healthy. There is nothing else you can do really :)

    So funny what you said about wind 😂 my husband threatened me yesterday that he'll get himself a separate duvet as lifting the one we've got is like releasing a demon 😂 but I just can't help it!

    KatieLou & Littlemish have you been ttc for long?

  • Mag1998 it’s hard to say, I’ve not used any form of protection for nearly 2 years, but have only actively been trying this year. We moved into our house in the middle of March, and a month later found out I was pregnant that was sadly a chemical pregnancy. I’ve spent a couple cycles using OPK’s but have now opted for nature knows best method and having fun, I know roughly when I ovulate so just BD a lot! Just because I was stressing myself out too much!

    I’ve started eating a lot healthier, lost a little bit of weight, feel so much better in myself as after April I near on went into depression, I was a wreck! So I think this would be 4th ttc now! How long did it take you? 

  • KatieLou sorry to hear that. We were ttc since last October and I got pregnant in the first cycle back then! Then I had a miscarriage in January and now I'm pregnant again :)

    Opk's never worked for me. I think that some of them are just showing it too late. I tried temp tracking but I think I'm just always doing this wrong as I usually get some stupid readings :)

  • Aw I’m sorry for your loss! But congrats on being pregnant again! That’s lovely, how far along are you??

    Yeah that’s exactly what I thought, hence why I stopped using them! When I had the chemical we werent even thinking about it, so that’s the mindset I’m trying to adopt now!

    itll happen when the time is right I think xx

  • I'm just over 7 weeks. hopefully this one sticks :)

    It's shocking how common miscarriages are. I was so exited last time and this time I'm happy but also very stressed about the whole thing. 

  • SBW: That's wild. The day I got my BFP, both my husband and I had vivid dreams of having a baby.

    If it helps, I've started taking a ton of fish oil, calcium, D3 and magnesium on top of prenatals.

  • Hi Mag,

    Totally understand your mixed emotions. I'm so excited to try to get pregnant again, but I don't want to get excited until the baby is in our arms. Losing our twins really messed me up, especially since it was a missed miscarriage, so I had no symptoms at all.

    Since I'm T1D, they give us our first ultra sound at 6 weeks, but I'm going to try to push mine until 8 weeks this time. I know it won't make any difference, but I think it will help mentally...

    I'm so happy for your new little bean growing! Hopefully next week I'll have happy news to share as well :)

  • Mag I didn’t realise miscarriages were so common until I came on here! They are so traumatic also. Breaks my heart a little when I hear so many people going thru the same things! 

    Windrazed, omg I have heard a few people say about the vivid dreams! mine were unreal I don’t think I’ve had dreams quite like them before! None of them were pregnancy related tho, they were more a little scary! Xxx

  • It’s actually scary how common they are isn’t it?? It is one of the scariest things I’ve gone through, although I know mine doesn’t compare to a lot of women’s stories I’ve spoken too. So hoping this is all of our times and we all get those BFP’s and have a happy and healthy 9 months! Xx

  • Yes :) I hope so too :)

  • Hey ladies,  

    today is my last day with my AF the 1st day was 8/22 I only have my AF for 3days. So I’m not sure when I  ovulation take place since I removed my iud. when do i get start to BD I have set up to BD everyother day. 

    25th,27,29,And 31st- September 2nd,4th,6th and 8th

    What is y’all opinions 

  • Ally b i would start BD every day from 9DPO for 7 days xx

  • We were BD every 2-3 days and around ovulation every day :) 

  • i was everyday during fertile window Xx

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