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6 dpo - Anyone having symptoms? Xx



  • I know I'm hardcore symptom spotting, lol.

    Nausea, but that could be because of an injury sustained last night.

    Headaches are coming and going frequently. Frequent urination, though it only seems to happen at work.

    Sinus congestion (has something to do with the diversion of blood flow, same with headaches)

    I do have white, creamy CM ... and this is new, because I haven't had this in my other cycles.

  • Hi WindraZed, 

    I actually had some white discharge too :) I don't think you will have nausea so early but who knows? 

    My husband looked at me like at an alien when I kept saying that I feel weird but I was right haha! 😂

    It's all possible and I'd say very likely :) I hope you will get your BFP this month!

  • Sorry to hear about your first pregnancy :( although we all know it often happens we can’t help feeling so saddened for it when you want to be pregnant so so bad and everything to go well

    ive researched pregnacare conception after i’ve starte taking it and some women said it mimics the pregnancy symptoms however i’m not sure if that’s possible as theres no hormones in it? the only side affect i have it’s a bright yellow wee. What’s your experience with the extra vitamins?

    i have my fingers crossed for you and i hope you will have a healthy baby( or two) at the end of it :))) xx

  • I'm thinking the nausea might be from the hit on the head last night. Combined trauma/swallowing my own blood. Eugh. (But damn it I can hope it's for other reasons ... lol)

    Fingers crossed for you too!

    Let this be the month~

  • It’s hard not to symptom spot if you are trying to conceive lol

    for me i’m trying to rule out the symptoms i would normally have and i keep an eye on those weird ones but then i sometimes wonder if it’s just in my head lol

    i hope it’s good news for yo :))

  • I’m similar to Magda, I had a chemical in January and stopped trying for a while, I thought this month (first back trying) I would ease into it and just not worry or think about O days or fertile windows 😂 it lasted all of 5 minutes! 

    im 7dpo now and My symptoms have all but disappeared which has totally confused me!!

    i think we all need a crystal ball to get us through this TTC malarkey 😂 xxx

  • You make me laugh ladies 😂

    I was the same! and when I think about it I was also a bit like it before I had BFP!

    But some things just can't be mistaken for anything else :) so I knew! my husband wasn't convinced until I've showed him digital test though :)

  • Well.. So it looks like either crystal ball or we all go crazy 😂😂 xx

  • When is your AF due Patia? 

    Mine is 9 days away (23/08) I’m going to try not test until 30th if I can help it.

    Magda how‘s its all going for you so far? Have you been into docs & stuff? Xx

  • Keep testing :) hopefully you all get beautiful strong second line and we will be all late spring 2019 mummies! :)

  • Hi SBW image I'm going for early scan this Friday. I have to say I'm so scared…

    I have absolutely no symptoms, I feel great, not even one sore nipple 😂😂 So yea, I'm just incredibly stressed but there's nothing I can do. 

    I'm not really sure if I should be excited or not. Last time I was happy and excited and it ended bad and I really was on the edge of depression. This time I try to be moderately happy in case something goes wrong. 

  • mine is due 22-24.08 ive been testing the past two days but keeps coming up negative , i guess its still early days yet xx

  • I hope it all goes well and that they give you good news that your baby is sat in the feeling fine and growing strong xxx

  • me too, long summer days perfect for long walks with the baby 😊xx

  • Patia Your due AF around same time as me and I’m sure if I tested now it would be a BFN! So yes it is early days! Lots of hope still for this cycle, try not worry. I’m not considering testing until at least 26th-30th, trying to hold out until 30th it poss! 

    Mag I’d be the same not knowing whether to get excited or not as I’ve had mc also. But as you say there’s nothing you can do so best not to worry and what will be, will be. I’m deffo sure you have a happy sticky little one in there so I’m sure will be good news on Friday! Best of luck and You never know no symptoms for you may be a good thing! My friend has 3 little ones and each preg for her was so different! 

    Keep us in the loop! Oh how amazing would that be if we all got BFPs! Spring summer mummies 2019 club! Fingers crossed - we will live in hope through you Mag 😂xx

  • Thanks ladies xx

    It would be amazing, wouldn't it? :) waiting is the worst isn't it. I spent a fortune on tests and I was testing every day image and now few more days for me for an early scan 

    I hope you're both right and it will be ok on Friday and of course I will let you know! xx

  • update - driving myself insane with this waiting game!!! I need some way to take my mind off it! 

    the symptoms I had have all disappeared, I’m really hoping I’m not out 😣😭xxx

  • hey, don't worry! you're not out until AF arrives image

    It's very early and you might not get positive result for another week if you are pregnant! And most women don't have any symptoms anyway :) So don't get stressed.

    Take folic acid every day aaand relax image

    I had two more symptoms so early. My CM was really weird. It was like egg white thick for a long time and then it suddenly changed to milky watery and my cervix was really high

  • Morning 

    dont worry, symptoms might come and go or change all togethe. Don’t stress about it as it’s definitely not helping the matters but you’re just frustrating yourself for nothing xx

  • I know thank you ladies, I felt like I needed to vent in some way 😂 feeling a little better this afternoon! The one thing I have still got is mood swings then 😂 feel like I’m all over the place. 

    Mag I wish I had the guts to check my cervix 😂 I wouldnt have a clue, tried it once and thought oh no I can’t do this! 

    I normally have quite a lot of CM anyway for some reason, I went to get it checked out at hosp and they just said there is no explanation for it other than physiological discharge 🤷🏼‍♀️ So I find it quite hard to decipher any changes In it. i feel like I have less now but it’s still there. 

    Thanks Patia and Mag. I’ll try and keep it together until AF time! Hoping we can join mag in the BFP club xxx

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