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6 dpo - Anyone having symptoms? Xx



  • Tell me about mood swings... I'm just on lunch break and awful thing happened to me at work today. My colleague was laughing at me and it really upset me. I'm so sensitive now and I went straight to the toilet to cry my eyes out. I couldn't stop shaking :( now I'm worried I will lose that one too :(

  • ladies..

    can we chill out a bit 😂 it will all be fin, there’s a lot of changes our body goes through but i think the most important thing is to keep calm and carry on loving the entire process and not stressing 

    Mag i can’t even reach my cervix as it’s quite far at the back, even the nurse told me xxx

  • Oh Mag hope you’re okay! Big hugs! I hate people sometimes, why do certain people feel like they are allowed to bring others down. Treat people how you want to be treated :-( sorry that’s happened today Mag, just rise above it and try not let people upset you. People can be so insensitive and I’m sure he/she would feel different if they know they have upset you. And if not I’m sure karma will come bite them on the ass! Nasty people always get their comeuppance! 

    Try to forget about it and I’m sure no harm has come to the little one! Look forward to Friday 😃😃 xxx

  • oh girls you make me so happy 😂 you're right, I need to just ignore them idiots somehow.

    Did you do any tests yet?

  • Can anyone shed any light as to whether this is an evap or a bfp ?!!!image

  • Hi :) I can definitely see the line! Try with different brand and you might see a really clear line! that's what happened to me :) These are not very reliable :) good luck!

  • Hwy, the second line is definitely there, keep testing everyday and the line should get stronger as you're going along if you’re pregnant. good luck! xx

  • No tests for me yet Mag, I want to wait until AF is due (mainly because of the chemical I had) I mc at 6weeks last time so I kinda wanted to wait until AF time. Sometimes does no good knowing early! (For me anyway)

    yes ive really enjoyed chatting with you both as its nice when someone understands and is in similar circumstances.

    im dying to test tho 😂😂

    Craly24 - yes I can see faint line, I’d go with other ladies advice and keep testing and should get clearer. Use FMU also :-) xx good luck hope it’s your BFP! 

    • Hey ladies, today I’m 8dpo I still have white milky discharge for long time. I’ve been having headaches, tired, stomach pain feels like someone is twisting my stomach my husband and I had sex 3days before ovulation because he had to go on a business trip. The day of ovulation was weird for me i didn’t have a sharp pain it just felt like I had to go pee as if I was holding my urine overnight . So I made a bathroom trip and went back to bed then got up again to pee again lol I guess that’s the way I ovulate 🤷🏽‍♀️And now I’m having these symptoms. I’m not sure when I show take a pregnancy test but I do have a doctor appointment this week on Thursday which I’ll be 9dpo. Also I’m  sneezing feeling like I have a cold. 

  • SBW, I can't believe you have so much patience! I think I would do 2-3 days a day 😂 I do understand you though :) I never told my husband how much I actually spent on these tests and it is stupid amount of money 😂 

    Ally, I've been there twice, I hardly ever get colds and the only times I did get ill in the last 15 months was just before my BFP so I do believe that you might be pregnant :)

    One thing to remember I guess is to tell your doctor that you might be pregnant but not testing positive yet before he gives you any prescriptions!

  • Thanks Mag!, I will let my doc know tomorrow. Do you happen to know why I still have miky white discharge I’ve also noticed that I have   Veins on my boobs. And I could help my self to not test today and I got BFN!! I should of known better not to test 7days before my AF

  • *tests a day :)

    I don't really know Ally, our bodies are all different :) 8 dpo is still very early. Wait few days and test again. It's the only way to find out :) I had milky CM but no veins on boobs 

  • Also has anyone had headaches,back pain,feeling hot in the middle of the night and short of breath?

  • Hi Ally

    we need to remember that every woman is different and as well as having similar symptoms we might also have a totally different ones

    i think it’s too early to test, you might be pregnant but there might not me enough hormone for the test to come up positive 

    As Magda said she suffered with a cold when she conceived 

    My symptoms are different- my breats got sore 2 days after and they continue to be sore( which it never happens to me), i got really dizzy once, i have also noticed that i was feeling nauseous after having a meal but not on every occasion ( it never happens to me either). My period is due in 7 days but i’m hoping it will be good news for me  😊

    For yourself i would ask your GP whether they can do your bloods to give you a piece of mind but to me it sounds like having symptoms 🙂

    keep us posted xx

  • SBW yes it is nice to know there’s someone out there who understands the craziness youre just going through 😂 xx

  • You seem to have good signs Ally, however try relax until you miss AF. I was exactly the same a few days ago 😂 having all these strange symptoms and then they just disappeared! Like patia & Mag said we are all different. Only really way of knowing is waiting for the BFP! Wishing you lots of luck for it and keep us posted! Xx

    Mag I’m on an island at the moment with no access to any tests so that helps a fair bit!! Scared of flying home but there isn’t anything I can do about that I suppose. I just keep thinking of you telling me blastocysts are strong little things and if it’s going to stay it will. thanks! Xxx

  • don’t be afraid of flying, it doesn’t increase a chance of having a miscarriage. Be positive, relax and wait until you’re ready to test 😎

  • Thanks everyone I’ll keep you all posted.

  • I guess we all need to relax and take it easy :) Crazy future mothers 😂 

    Like Patia said, flying is not risky :) 

    Ally, hopefully you will get your BFP very soon :)

    And can tell you ladies that I really like our little support group! :D

  • Thanks Patia, I suppose that is my underlying worry as I flew last time before the mc! And always wondered if it had any affect! 

    Yes I love our little support group also! Thank you ladies, it’s a bit like a rollercoaster isn’t it 😂 


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