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6 dpo - Anyone having symptoms? Xx



  • Good luck for your App tomorrow Mag! I’m out in the morning but let us know how you get on! I’ll be thinking of you Xx 

  • I will do thanks xxx my scan is a 6 30 pm so I'll send a message quite late :) I'm really scared now :|

  • Relax and look forward to it, everything will be fine. Good luck xx

  • Thanks ladies xxx I'll keep you updated. Btw my husband thinks I'm mad 😂  he'd seen me smiling to my phone and I told him I've got internet friends 😂

  • Haha mine too! He’s like who do you keep texting all the time ... 😂😂 don’t be scared, I’m sure it’s all good news, you deserve it! I’m excited for you Xxx

  • Thanks SBW xxx

    Only 9h left... 😂 waiting is the worst isn't it 😂 

  • Mag ive been spotting since yesterday-only in the morning like( brown discharge), my period is due in 5-7 days, i have no cramping, negative pregnancy test this morning again. i sometimes start spotting a week before im due so i cant really tell whether im pregnant or not. Tender breast still there.

    what was your experience with implantation bleed?

  • Patia, hopefully you're ok.

    I never had any implantation bleeding. I did have cramps though. But I think timing is right for that. If it is implantation you should get BFP in 3-4 days 

  • Thank you Mag , fingers and toes crossed xx

  • Hey girlies 

    how are we all today?! 

    a little bit TMI but has anyone experienced CM and know more about It? I have very strange CM today! I did take a picture of it on a tissue but not sure if that's far tmi hahahaha

    its like milky white A lot of it, not thick or sticky at all almost looks snotty?! I really don't know what to think anymore hahaha I'm loosing the plot 

     baby dust to all xxxx

  • Hi Craly :) I had quite a lot of milky CM. It's usually like Sahara down there but it was so different. Hopefully you will get your BFP soon :)

    Patia, you've got another week of testing really. I didn't get my positive for ages and I really thought I was out already. What tests are you using?

  • Hi mag, 

    i have had two faint positives moon freedom asda dip stick tests? But then red clearblue and a frer and negative and now this I'm very confused! is there a way I can send you a photo in private of the tests and todays findings to see if its similar to what you had?! 

    im freakinf out that I've had a chemical pregnancy but no blood or any pains to suggest that? Just the disappearance of my bfp 


  • From not moon hahhaha

  • Of course you can Craly or you can post them here. What dpo are you? maybe it's too soon to test yet? 

  • Hi Mag, used first response ultra sensitive today.. maybe still too early to detect xx

  • Hi Craly,

    ive only had a bit of white lotion like cm. Remember that we all are different and can have different symptoms or types of CM  but still be pregnant  xx

  • it might be I guess. did you use opk's?

  • Hi mag, 

    according to Glow app i ovulated on 8th I'm really new to all  so not sure if I did ovulate then or earlier? 

    so based on that im 9dpo? But  did my positive test on Tuesday night which would be 6dpo and nothing now? 

    Ive sent you the images as they might not be for everyone to see abit tmi! Hahhaah

    thanks patia i think I'm feeling discouraged from having 2 positives and now negatives 😭😭 


  • Craly, I don't have experience with asda sticks but frer is reliable. I don't trust cheap dip sticks. They've let me down before. It's very early to test for both of you. Really :) It does look like a faint line though. Is it pink or grey?

    Implantation can occur anywhere between 6-10 dpo and then you need 3-4 days for hcg to rise. And if you've got your ovulation 1-2 days later than you think you might not test positive until 16 dpo :) 

  • And Patia is so so right about CM and everything. Some women don't even know they're pregnant until 16-20 wks :)

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