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6 dpo - Anyone having symptoms? Xx



  • Hi WindraZed! sounds promising however yes I think probably too early to test. I’m not testing until I miss my AF as i Feel like it turns into too many what ifs ☺️ I’ve had pretty much the same symptoms as you over the last week. I’m about 9dpo now could be 10 but not exactly sure when O day was as I don’t do the opks. 

    How long have you been TTC? Xx

  • Thanks for advice billythekitty & Windrazed! I’ll try that, it must be where I’m going wrong!!

    i did try taking it before bed but then woke up feeling sick instead. I‘ll take after breakfast tomorrow and hopefully that will do the trick 😊xxx

  • SBW I guess some important supplements can have side effects.. maybe try to take it every other day and see how you get on? yes, pregnacare pill is a giant one so if someone has a problem with swallowing pills then it’s deffo the wrong choice xx

  • WindraZed sounds like pregnancy symptoms to me. Remember we are all different and our first symptoms can be different too. I’d say it’s too early to test just yet, it’s best to leave it until your AF is due otherwise you will keep stressing and getting frustrated and that’s no good. Relax, leave things to be and test when the time is right 😎 good luck xx

  • Mag good luck as it’s nearly the time 😊 xx

  • Oh Patia I’m deffo not getting pregnacare then 😂😂 I feel like they get lodged in my throat no matter how much water I take them with! And the ones I take are really small 😂 ... yes I’ll give that a go if the after breakfast doesn’t work tomorrow. Xxx

    yea super excited to find out how Mag gets on, I fear I will miss out on the exciting news tho due to time difference I’ll be off to bed soon! Xx

  • SBW what island you’re on? weekend off for me so i am currently sat in the bath trying to relax a bit xx

  • Ok I'm out and it's there!!!! It is smaller than a bread crumb and it doesn't look like anything but it's definitely there. The hearbeat has just started, 113bpm. It's like a rollercoaster 😥

    Ladies, thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate it and it helped me sooo much. You're amazing 😗

    SWB i used to get headaches in my previous pregnancy. Might be another symptom!?

    Patia, be careful with hot baths. You don't want to hardboil your fertilised egg 😂 Some people say it doesn't matter though. But what is right? Are you still bleeding?

  • Ok I'm back not ok I'm out!!! I'm not out! :)

  • Mag fab new, just try to enjoy it rather than worry about it 😊

    i only have a bit of spotting in the mornin, i’m getting a bit of cramping now 🤔 it’s too early for period cramps 🤔 hmm..🤔

  • Ohh mag that is fab news!! Woohoo!! 💚❤️😍 how cute a little heartbeat!! Oh I’m so excited for you. Does this mean he/she is an April baby?

    Oh I’m terrified now, I didn’t realise heat was a factor!! It’s 28-30deg here blazing sun. I’ve been sat out in it also :-( someone needs to give me a list of do’s and donts as I’m failing massively! I’ve had factor 30 on and don’t burn as I’m olive skinned anyway, but I’m staying out of it now!! I’ve noticed I have been struggling in the heat whereas I never normally do. 

    I also got bit by a mosquito yesterday after 2 weeks of successfully avoiding them, aparantly no zika virus here though (seychelles). 

    Mag at least we can be happy for you! .. I feel like I’m deffo out after all this! Xxxx

  • Thanks ladies 😗 I'll try not to worry too much. It will be April baby if everything goes ok :) 

    Patia, SBW I think you both have very good chances! No one is out until AF arrives :) SBW you should enjoy your holidays! :) 

  • Oh yay! mag I think you will have plain sailing from now, I wouldn’t worry, you sound all good! How many weeks are you now? 🤰🏼

    Well ive decided I’m absolutely useless at TTC 🙈🤦🏼‍♀️ Everything you shouldn’t do ive managed to do. It’s a good job I don’t like saunas otherwise I probably would have done that wrong also 😂 I didn’t even know no saunas was a thing to avoid! There seems to be like these unwritten rules nobody tells you about. 

    Well if I’m out this month hopefully I’ve learnt a lot of things for the next cycle. I’m sure it will be much easier to avoid heat and mosquitoes in the UK at least! Xxx

  • How are you all feeling today? have you resisted the urge to test Patia? I wanted to cave and buy a Test but I’m going to try hang on another 3/4 days 😣☺️Xxx

  • SBW  good thank you! i don’t think i’m pregnant. test is negative and my spotting got heavier however it’s still dark brown ( unusual )and no pain or cramping. Probably AF on its way.. oh wellmaybe next time will be succesful. Fingers crossed it’s your month though xxx

  • Hello ladies :) are you ok?

    SBW you're not useless and I don't think you have to follow many rules really :) 

    I can tell you what I've been doing before I got my BFP but I'm not sure how much of it actually worked and how much was just waste of time 😊

    I didn't really drink alcohol, tried to sleep more. I didn't use opk's this time as I always had a feeling they give me positive result too late, sex every 2-3 days and every day around ovulation time and I used to put pillow under my hips after that for 30 min 😂 

    Vitamins: folic acid, Q10 for egg quality, L-argiline for uterus lining. I'd add also men fertility vitamins for strong army 😂 and I used fertility lubricant

  • Oh no Patia, I'm sorry! Maybe it was chemical pregnancy ☹ that would explain early spotting

  • i’m not gutted or anything, just the sore breasts right after ovulation fave me a false sense of hope as never get tender breasts. some women say pregnacare gives a  pregnancy like symptoms so maybe i should try a different brand hmm.. 

  • Patia that’s such a good attitude to have, I think being relaxed and not worried will serve you very well whilst TTC, plus it may still be early days for testing, not out until AF arrives! And if not I think there’s lots of hope for your next cycle ❤️ I also think the supplements and vitamins have a strange effect on my body! we both might be back in the 2ww club for next cycle ☺️Xx

    Mag thanks for the advice, I’m going To add the q10 and argiline for sure, did you get any side effects from taking these things? Im going for the pillow idea also 😂 ... do you continue to take the supplements after you got the BFP? I’m going to make an app at the docs when I get back as I’ve been reading up on early mc’s and I want them to check my progesterone as the drop off aparantly can cause early mc. Xxx

  • Patia, SBW is right, you're not out until AF arrives :) I hope that nothing messed up your cycle and luteal phase.

    I didn't have any side effects but I took it all only for 2-3 months before BFP. But again I don't know if any of it actually worked. My hubby thought I'm going mad 😂

    It's good to get it all tested! You can get some private fertility blood tests too but I guess it's expensive. I also found test for men for  swimmers in boots I think but I wasn't sure my husband's reaction to that so never tested

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