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6 dpo - Anyone having symptoms? Xx



  • Mag that cracked me up 😂😂 I can just imagine my hubbys face giving him a sperm test kit! 

    You are full of good ideas I’m going to get my bloods done privately then as my gp is actually awful. Its near a uni and I swear all they care about is the students everyone else suffers. Plus I normally end up at the local hospital walk in centre waiting for ages as I can’t get an appt with the gp. This happened when I had the mc and had to wait 3hrs in the walk in to be seen (whilst sobbing in the waiting room on my own!) ranting now I know ☺️

    Did you continue to take the supplements now?  xxx 

  • Thank you ladies, i really appreciate your support:) just been to Boots and got myself Seven Seas prenatal vitamins as they have better reviews and are just as small as a contraceptive pill so much easier to swallow.

    SBW i believe that you should carry on with taking prenatal vitamins unti you’re 12 weeks and then probably switch to pregnancy ones if you wish however it’s best to consult it with your GP.

    I also was thinkino about doing my bloods for fetility but not sure whether GP practice would do it??

    Mag what is the swimmers test kit called? im quite intrigued by it, just mentioned that to my partner and he said i’m crazy😂

  • Aww that’s what we are here for, to help each other along the journey! They sound good Patia, the 7 seas, I’ll try them for next cycle, hopefully it won’t matter changing brands! 

    lve had a quick google and looks like they will do on the nhs, however I looked at spire regency hospitals and they literally offer appointments with specialists right away. I think with nhs they generally won’t look into much until you have been trying for 12months, not sure if that’s true or not? Xxx

  • SBW it’s true that NHS won’t look into it as I know someone who had fertility issues and yes, 12 months of trying first then i think they can get bloods done. If results are ok then you still have to keep trying for a while and if there’s no result then they send you for further tests like sperm check and to check the fallopian tubes etc.

  • I'm not sure how swimmers test was called 😂 I've also seen it on amazon. 

    I did switch my vitamins to pregnacare pregnancy and these are the only ones I take. There was deal 2 for 3 at tescos and I've got supply that will last to the end of pregnancy so I really hope they're good!

    I heard that GP won't do tests if you haven't ttc for 12 months. Mine probably wouldn't even if it was 12 years 😂 maybe go private?

  • Found it! 😂 It's called SpermCheck!

  • Mag found the test kit however too many people say it’s unreliable. I will leave it to the nature for a while first and then knock on GPs door if needs be😂

  • Hey Ladies just an updat, today I’m 13dpo and I’ve tested this morning which my dr told me to do and still BFN! I’m not sure why. I’ve had my iud removal in June 22nd 2018 and it’s getting  frustrating my period is in two days I might be out this month😢😢

  • Ally you're not out until AF arrives. My tests were still negative on 14 dpo. I stopped testing because I was sure I'm out and I wasn't :)

  • Hi Ally b don’t frustrate yourself as it will not help the matters. Try to relax instead. If you will be out of this month then dont stress it too much about it, it will happen when it meant to happen :) xx

  • Thanks Mag and patia. AF is due tomorrow we shall see what happens 

  • Af is also due for my tomorrow ally b, no signs yet i don't think! 

  • Craly how are you feeling. 

  • Hi ally,

    i have no idea what to feel right now, I have done so many tests and made myself sick with worry as I've had 3 positives and a load of negatives! 

    im not sure what to think, my last period was very light and lasted 1-2 days which even has me thinking maybe it wasnt my period as since then I've had terrible back pain going round to both sides, lots of cramping and nausea so much so that I spent a few nights in the walk in thinking I had a kidney infection or something? They asked when my last period was I told them and that was that. Does anyone know whether they would have checked pregnancy at that point? Cause they didn't advise me they was... so there is a possibility I could be even more pregnant than I think, cause a lot of my symptoms have gone on a while?! but sure if I was 7-8 weeks I'd have clear positive tests consistently? 

    How are you feeling ally? 

  • Hi Carly

    dont stress as it doesn’t help wheth you’re TTC or if you’re already pregnant

    i would say wait for AF and whether it comes or not still take the pregnancy test just to clarify it. See your GP if test will be positive. Hope it helps xx

  • I’m not sure what to feel anymore either at the beginning my period lasted 3days and was not light at 2nd day. I  basically had a short period after that I wasn’t much dry I was wet a lot and my husband and I had baby danced 3 days before  ovulation  Due to him leaving for a business trip. Then i started getting weird  cervical mucus. I tested few times and was BFN. My doctor told me that she couldn’t test me because I was too early but advice me to test monday which was yesterday and still BFN so now I have one test left and I’m saving it if my period doesn’t show up figure cross. I also had lower back pains especially when I take a walk, I’m short of breath still but my breast doesn’t hurt anymore. I still have stomach pains  here and there

  • Hi Craly & Ally - I’m in same boat also my AF is due tomorrow or potentially day after as my cycles are sometimes 28/29days.

    i haven’t done any tests yet as I’m not sure it does any good knowing earlier than a missed AF. plus i Would be gutted seeing BFN so rather wait to see if AF turns up or not. 

    my best advice, like Patia and Mag would be to try and relax and not get too stressed, we all go through the horrrrrrible 2ww and it is so painful, but by stressing we are just making things worse for ourselves (like me at start of this thread!) good luck and hopefully some BFPs in the near future for you both! Xxx

    Patia & Mag how are you ladies today Xx

  • I also have blood in my snot when I blew my nose.

  • I also have blood in my snot when I blew my nose. For a day or two then it stoped but still have a stuffy nose 

  • SBW i’m good thanks AF is on its way so crappy days ahead of me lol oh well maybe next month will be my month 😊 fingers crossed for you, let us know xxx

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