6 dpo - Anyone having symptoms? Xx



  • Ally b our bodies can get us confused quite quickly and i know w it’s easier said than done but try to relax and wait for AF also do the test either way. i have my fingers crossed for you xx

  • I'm ok thanks :) keep thinking about you all! I was wandering if you've been testing but I didn't want to put any pressure on you. 

  • Patia you never know, if its not here yet! I have similar feelings AF being on the way, feels like period cramps but who the hell knows! Might be the Mexican I had for lunch 🤷🏼‍♀️ If I miss it weds/thurs I’ll test. If not back in the waiting game for next month! I think We should rename 2ww to MT, mental torture. 

    my flights in about 2 hours and that normally delays my AF a few days for some strange reason, throws me out of sync somehow. 

    Mag glad to hear all is good with you also. I’ll let you know as soon as I test or get the dreaded AF instead! Trying to distract myself for the next few days will be so difficult. youll have to keep us up to date with your baby news :-) do you want a boy or girl Or not bothered? Xxx

  • You will feel cramps for first AF even if you're pregnant so it doesn't matter! :) 

    I would loooove mexican 😂 I eat twice as much as my hubby now 😂

    I don't really plan so far yet 😐 I'm so scared that I'm checking my pants every few hours looking for blood 

  • Home safely! ... yes I know that feeling Mag.. any bit of wetness have to check to make sure it’s not blood :-( try not worry too much, just because it’s happened once does not mean it will happen again. Stay strong lovely I think you are going to be just fine! And the worrying will only make you feel worse. I’m feeling super positive for you! Xxx my appetite has certainly been healthy over the last week, Im Wolfing food down. Maybe I’m just being greedy! My hubby always eats near on double me and I think it’s even Stevens at the moment! Xxx

  • SBW and Mag , update- AF paid a visit this morning, uugh ive been cramping like mad the past two days and the backache is terrible this month too. I think i need to improve my diet! hope you’re both well xx

  • Thanks SBW :) I'll try :) you didn't test yet?

    Patia, I hope third time will be lucky for you! Good thing is that you're only about 2 weeks away from your next ovulation :)

  • Patia we both on the same boat. AF came to visit this morning too🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Ally b nothing to worry, just look forward to your fertile window again just like me 😊

  • Well do thanks hun

  • Hi Ladies, Patia sorry AF has arrived for you :-( and as Mag said only about 14 days to next window and I’m super hopeful for you!! Stay relaxed and I’m sure it will happen!! Xxx

    so I caved and tested today.. I’m really not sure as the line is so faint, I’m due AF today and it can be late a few Days sometimes. I think I might have to wait and test again next few days. I didn’t use FMU either, which probably needed to. I’m hoping and praying if it was a line it’s not another chemical :-( xxx I’ll try post a picture of test but Ive tried few times and it’s just hanging and not posting xxx

  • Wow! SBW this is not a faint line! You're pregnant!

    You don't really have to use fmu as long as you don't drink for 2-3h before.

    I think digital would pick that up too :)

  • SBW congratulations !! very happy for you!😊

  • Congrats SBW!! That looks positive!! :)

  • Congratulations SBW!!!! Amazing news xxx

  • Congrats SBW

  • Hi ladies, at 6dpo my symptoms started...I thought I had a virus felt cold weak vomiting tired and the Worst headaches! Good luck X

  • Congrats sbw X

  • Oh I really wasnt sure if it was or not! im so shocked I don’t really know what to do! I don’t think I’ll believe it until I see on a digital. I mught wait until Friday was period was only due today.

    when Do you make an app with the doctors?

    im terrified of losing again as last time was 6 weeks :-( 

    thank you ladies and thank you so much for your continued support it means so much to me!! I’ve found it so great talking to people in same situation Xxx 

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