6 dpo - Anyone having symptoms? Xx



  • Don't panic! :) Don't stop taking folic acid or pregnacare with other vitamins and also start taking vitamin D. What I learned is that you will not be able to benefit from vitamin D if/while you are magnesium deficient so I also take magnesium

    You can call doctors straight away and tell them that you're pregnant and ask them if you need to book an appointment. Your first midwife appointment will be around 8 weeks but it's a good idea to call them and mention previous miscarriage and you might qualify for early scan (around 8 weeks).

    If you have any questions you can also sent me a PM :)

  • Hi ladies is it okay if I join this chat? :) currently 5-6dpo xx

  • Hi KatieLou of course, we’re here to help and support 🙂

  • Hi KatieLou 😊

  • Ladies i have a question about maternity wear as i always wander about the sizing.. is it the same size you currently wear or would you go a size up? i know it’s not only the bump growing but breasts get bigger too. Can i ask you ladies to express your opinion on it ? xxx

  • Hi 🙂 thank you! 

    This is my fourth cycle ttc after a chemical pregnancy back in April, this cycle feels really different... it’s probably to early for anything just yet but after ovulation CM usually drys up and everyday since I have been quite wet and a lot of discharge sorry for tmi! And my boobs started hurting Monday and have got unusually heavy-feeling and sore and still are now, which is mega early for me before AF is due! 

    I don’t want to get my hopes up but I can’t help but feel optimistic! Xx

  • KatieLou sounds promising! fingers crossed for you, try to relax about it though xx

  • Patia, I'm actually thinking about that too. Last time my breasts got huge and at 11 wks I already needed new clothing but I think I just got fat 😂 and now nothing, my boobs look like socks full of sand anyway so I'll just get few of them sporty bras 💪

    KatieLou I'm so sorry for your loss. Hopefully this time will be lucky for you! I had different CM and I had other early symptoms! :) so yea, you might be pregnant!

  • Mag you know when your AF is due and you’re all bloated and feel like a size of a whale? i hope it doesn’t feel like that or worse during the pregnancy! lol

  • Haha 😂 I bet it's much worse!

  • Thanks for your replies! Trying not to get my hopes up at all but does seem promising 🙈 xx

  • It does! 😊 fingers crossed you will see your BFP in few days! 

  • Hi Ladies,

    Wow, I'm so happy for you SBW117! I also miscarried my first pregnancy in June, I was almost 9W5d pregnant with twins, but there were no heart beats. I feel like this TWW is killing me.

    I'm 4dpo, and I'm so nervous about getting my period again. I'm also T1 diabetic, and like the first pregnancy, my blood sugar levels have been very low, also have had sore breasts and extremely tired. I keep reading that it's way to early for symptoms, but who knows!

    Sending everyone here good vibes and baby dust! Here's hoping we all have our April / May 2019 babies <3

  • Hi mscharles :) it's not too early for symptoms. I knew from the very beginning! :) no one believed me but I felt it.

    Sorry for your loss. I lost twins this year when they stopped growing at 11+4 and I'm now pregnant again :) hopefully you will get your BFP this month!

  • Hi can I join in ? Today I'm 8dpo well 9dpo wje n I wake up in 8 hours from now haha. 

    I'm not sure if I'm feeling anything  what sort of things have people been feeling   is it too early ???   af not due until 28th August ish 

    I foolishly did a frer this morn but it was negative. 


  • HI StuzyNo2!  It’s hard to say about symptoms etc because some people have things very early on to determine that they are pregnant whilst others don’t feel a thing and wouldn’t even know they were pregnant! How are you feeling?

    I’m only 6dpo but have felt weird since the day of expected ovulation, I just can’t tell if its my body doing weird things or if it could actually be because I’m pregnant!

    Also ladies can I ask is insomnia a thing if you are pregnant? I feel like it’s way to early for anything to even be happening things have been so strange this week. I don’t dream, but the other night I had the most vivid dream that I woke up to I and remember everything that happened, this morning I woke up at 3am for no reason what so ever and have now not been able to go back to sleep?! I never wake up at this time of the morning, I didn’t need a wee or anything I just feel wide awake. My boobs are still extremely sore!! Weird xx

  • Hi StuzyNo2 😊 it is very early to test but in few more days you will know

    KatieLou I actually have pretty crazy dreams since I got pregnant! Not many related to pregnancy unfortunately but I won a lottery couple of times 😎

  • Thanks ladies    has anyone been to the fertility statue at ' Ripleys believe it or not ' in Blackpool?   If you touch it you will get pregnant...... legend has it    I happened to get pregnant the following month from touching it in 2016..... worth a shot  ????   X

  • Sounds like voodoo... I didn't touch it and I'm pregnant and so is million of ladies around the world so no I don't believe it :) but if you live somewhere near why not :) It wouldn't  do any harm 😎

  • That’s pretty awesome! 😂 Shame it’s not reall! My crazy dream was that the world was coming to an end but I was in France. I was on the phone screaming to my mum and I then said I can’t find my car but i woke myself up, and heard myself say ’I can’t find my car’ so so weird 😂

    I’ve also alongside being up since 3am just thrown up this morning, but I’m not relating that to pregnancy because it can’t be in my eyes. But god do I feel rough 🤢😕

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