Extremely faint positive then spotting?!

Hi Ladies!

So this morning I got the faintest I’d faint BFP - see attached, you might not even be able to see it as it’s that faint! I’m 10DPO. I didn’t get too excited as I want to see it darker before I believe it. But anyway - i just went to the toilet and theres some brown spotting :( !! Do you think my periods on its way and my faint BFP is actually a BFN!?image


  • Sorry I can't really see anything on that picture but it might just be the quality. I would test again tomorrow x

  • image

    So I took another test this morning - pic below - and the line is darker but also more bleeding! Could it be a chemical?

  • Bella, It doesn't have to be chemical, it can be just implantation bleeding! 10 dpo sounds right. 

    don't worry just yet and do another test in 2 days. Try first response or other test with pink dye, they're more reliable.

    fingers crossed bleeding will stop :)

  • Yeah will try in another couple of days! My last pregnancy started with some bleeding but that actually ended in miscarriage at 7 weeks so I’m worried that even if it is a pregnancy that the same will happen!

  • Positive line got darker again today!!! Although still some bleeding. Confused, not sure wether to be excited or worried! Going to phone pregnancy support centre this morning and see what they think 


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