Period confusion!

Hi All,

I need help please. My period was due on or around the 17th. On the 19th, I started with stomach cramps and started spotting for a couple days it was only noticeable when I’d wiped after going to the loo, then it stopped for about 6-7 days then I thought I got my period. I started bleeding but it was really, really light. My periods are usually really heavy and have to change tampax every 3-4 hours. This time (obv I didn’t) but I could have probably left a tampax in for 24 hours... it’s that light.. I didn’t have the usual awful stomach cramps or mood swings and sore breasts that I usually get. In my 2 days of spotting I did notice I was unusually tired and had a sore lower back.  

I dont PCOS because I’ve been tested.. but I was tLD that from the age of 15 to 34 (I’m 36 now that I had PCOS but apparently I don’t have and all my inner workings are fine). I don’t have any children but have been trying for years, im not under any ‘out of the ordinary stress’. 

If anyone could shed any light that would be great 😊


  • On the 29th of July it was when I started with stomach cramps, not the 19th. (Sorry unsure how to esit my post)!

  • Have you tried a test? I only ask because I started Spotting on 6th Aug, nothing on the 7th, what I thought was a really Light period on the 8th, then back to spotting. Someone convinced my to do a test last Thursday and it came back positive. I was completely shocked since I was sure I’d had a period! 

  • Hiya. Thanks for your reply.. no I haven’t! Wouldn’t it be too early to tell?

  • If you try a first response test, they’re the most sensitive, so I’d have thought if you were pregnant then it would show as positive. 

    If you had cramps and spotting on the 29th, that Could have been ovulation. Spotting around the time of your period is a typical pregnancy symptom I think. 

  • Thank you Hun, I’m heading out in about an hour so I’m going to get one... very nervous 😟 

  • I know it’s a horrible thing to have to do - especially when you want it to be positive so much. At least this way you’ll know for definite one way or another. Remember most people say it’s better to do it first thing in the morning, though last week I did one at 1pm after not drinking for 2-3 hours and got a positive so... Good luck and let us know! Xx

  • Ohhhh congrats hun... I’m heading out now so I’ll let you know the outcome. Thank you 😂

  • Thank you :) 

    Fingers crosses for u! X

  • Just done it hun and as I suspected it was negative. X

  • Oh lovely, im so sorry. Was it a first response test you tried? X

  • Hi it was a £4.99 one from boots. The other one was too expensive x

  • It may not have been sensitive enough to detect the hormone yet x

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