Trying for a baby in September

Hi ladies. Thought I'd start a new thread for everyone TTC in the next cycle of September 

Sending baby dust to all.   

Hope that you all get your bfps  




  • Hiya, I think I will be joining you, 13 dpo and bfn this morning so just waiting on af to arrive now! Going for bloods on the 11th so hoping they will come back with something!

    have a son that is 18 months old and was hoping to have them close together but going to end up with a bigger age gap than I thought.

    i would have been due in sept but unfortunately I misscarried at 7 weeks and have had 2 chemicals since.

    baby dust to everyone, hopefully next month will be out month xx

  • Hello Stuzy I don't know for certain i'll be trying in September yet as still waiting for AF but it's already looking that way. Here's hoping September is our month x

  • Can't wait to start trying again once AF is done!! Xx

  • Hey endo, coffee and broody x

    Sending awesome baby dust to you all  

    Hope we get our bfps soon  xxx

  • So is anyone going to do any thing different this month or perhaps try something new? I think I'm going to invest in clear blue ovulation tests, to see if it matches the peak day results I get using the cheap OPKs. I am also considering using conceive plus lubricant. I plan to continue taking pregnacare conception vitamins. I'm not sure what else I could try x 

  • I think I'm going to try the clearblue opk too and preseed I have dryer cm so if I get af that's what I'm going to start using. I also take conception by eu natural and it usually takes vitamins/supplements 3 months to be in full use so I have high hopes!

  • Also I really think the sperm meets egg plan that was posted in the August thread looked promising. Just gotta hope hubby is up for DTD every other day. 

  • Hi I've told you to have brazil nuts !!!  

    I'm trying pre-seed this September  x

  • Hi yungyeesh you ok x

  • What about the Brazil nut makes it beneficial? Is it scientific or more an old wives tale? I've not heard of it before x 

  • Here you are x


  • Look it up coffeeJack.  And pineapple xx

  • I'm doing alright trying to keep my hopes up high how have you both been feeling??

  • Hi yungyeesh, I am trying to be hopeful too. AF is due tomorrow, after what feels like the longest wait ever. So once it's out the way I can become more focused on next cycle x 

  • OOk yungyeesh  I'm just an idiot for not waiting to do my test  x

  • I think I’m going to go with the relaxed route this month, well try to, I say that every month then get carried away again 😂

  • Endo - relaxed being not doing opks ?   X

  • I've just read an article about how pineapple and Brazil nuts can aid conception. It does seem promising from what I've read. Only issue I have is I hate nuts and I'm really not keen on pineapple either. So for next cycle I think I'm gonna give this one a miss. I wonder if it's ever been put through a study to see if more women really do conceive after eating them? X

  • I ate them last time on my preg xx

  • Yea not doing OPKs or lying with legs in air 🙈 checking cm, none of that, just go with the flow and dtd when we want to rather than when we see those 2 dark lines 😂 

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