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I haven't posted in a while, mainly due to work, but more for the fact that I am trying not to think too much about TTC...trying the 'don't try' method....

I was officially diagnosed with PCOS in December, after waiting a year and a half to see a gynaecologist. In my last appointment with them,which was in June, I was told I would be referred to the fertility clinic, and when I phoned today to see how long it would take, I was told its 6-8 month waiting list for new appointments. So by the time I actually get an appointment, OH and myself will have been trying for 3 years.

Is there any tips that other people with PCOS (or anyone) have received after trying for so long? I've heard the usual, exercise more, lose weight, try keto, gluten free, dairy free, low carb etc. Just wondering if there was any less heard of tips.

Sorry it's a bit long winded.Thanks in advance


  • My wife is on metformin for her PCOS. We were ttc for two years, got a bfp and miscarried. Now we're just starting again. The doctors have now prescribed clomid and an hcg trigger shot to help dieds up the process. You may be able to get your gp to prescribe clomid if they think it'll work for you. Wishing you luck and baby dust!

  • Hey, I'm kind of on the same boat. Just off the pill and ttc after going on it 10 years ago from being diagnosed with pcos. Had my first period this week after 45 days from last spotting but I'm a bit more hopeful now. Interested to see what other people say! Got told by the gp nurse to just enjoy life and have fun and come back in a year, but as I'm 32, I'm not sure we have the privilege?

  • Hi There,  I dont have PCOS though i do have cysts on my ovaries  I have done lots of research and my sister in law also tried this...SOY isoflavones which are the herbal alternative to clomid  you take them on either day 1-5,2-6,3-7,4-8 or 5-9 of your cycle and it triggers, or boosts ovulation depending on the days chosen to take them.  So many good reviews.  Im on month one of trying them, my sister in law got BFP first month of taking them.  Its worth a try xxx

  • Accupuncture has really helped me! Although very expensive but I am lucky to get through work health benefits. It really got things moving and regular :) also less pain throughout my cycles xx

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